Kirubi vs Obama


This sounds cheeky, but a blog by a Kenyan yesterday has inspired me more than Peter Baker’s interview of Obama. Anybody disagree?

Peter Baker’s in-depth interview of Obama published in the New York Times really depressed me, and so what does a progressive American do when depressed? Obviously, read a Kenyan blog!

The Kenyans did only a little bit better than so-so in the recent Commonwealth Games, and Chris Kirubi’s blog pulled in readers with a “don’t worry it was great” congratulations before continuing on a lengthy discourse of what makes excellence.

I began to wonder if I were reading the text of one of my middle school teachers? It was pure American idealism. So different from what in my opinion is the state of America, today, as shown in Baker’s interview. It seems that in America, hard work and vision just doesn’t mean a lot any more.

Whereas in Kenya, hard work is really paying off with a surging economy and exploding modern culture. And Kenya’s Vision 2030 is one of the most ambitious and yet likely to be achieved goals any nation has ever set.

Here’s some of Kirubi’s blog:

“When I look at the lives of these athletes one thing I admire is their attitude and determination to excel. This got me thinking. What if we were to embrace the same spirit and adopt this attitude, determination in every aspect of our lives and businesses? Wouldn’t we be far off than we are now?

As a society we’ve accepted the incredibly durable myth that some people are born with special talents and gifts, and that the potential to truly excel in any given pursuit is largely determined by our genetic inheritance.

This is not so.

Excellence for me is derived from working and building what you have. It is not an inherited trait which determines how good you become at something, but rather how hard you’re willing to work.

Bear in mind that excellence comes at a price and you must be willing to pay that price.

If you want to be really good at something, it is going to involve relentlessly pushing past your comfort zone, along with the frustrations, struggles, setbacks and failures that you encounter. In the end, becoming really good at something you’ve earned through your own hard work can be immensely satisfying.

Remember that you have the remarkable capacity to influence your own outcome and that each time you fail is a chance to begin again this time more intelligently.

As my friend and renowned motivational speaker, Azim Jamal once said, “obstacles are part of the journey of life. When we keep our eye on the goal, obstacles are not threats. In fact, they become opportunities to create breakthroughs.”

If only Obama read my blog.

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  1. ‘Who knows how Esther Arunga was forcefully aborted
    and robbed of a baby at the hands of Dr Frank Njenga, Dr Arunga and
    orders from PM Odinga?’ leaked section of the book declares. This could
    be the worst crime against an individual a government officer could
    apply on an innocent Kenyan fighting for her rights.

    Miguna is now threatening to break the news how a former TV anchor
    Esther Arunga was abused, humiliated, molested and sedated at the hands
    of PM Odinga, her dad Dr Arunga, Dr Frank Njenga of Bustani Medical
    Centre (37 Muthangari Road) and the CID’s hired goons. And we at the
    Denver Post can still remember how the year 2010 exploded in Kenya with
    human rights abuses combined with corruption which the Timberlake family
    faced. It was horror and terror from a government meant to protect it’s
    own citizens. We shall pursue this as it thickens.

    Dr Njenga is now at the helm of NACADA as it’s boss. An advocate company
    is threatening to sue after gathering all evidences on how Esther
    Arunga was tortured by Dr Frank Njenga. Esther was tortured under the
    watch of her dad Dr Arunga, Dr Njenga, CID officer Mr Lumosi and PM
    Raila who ordered all this. Reports reaching us are that Dr Njenga was
    ordered to forcefully ‘delete’ the baby from Esther’s womb. Reasons
    being the baby was a seed from a unestablished cowman from the poor
    backyard.’ The advocate company has handed over the video footage for
    further investigations to a trusted CID officers. It painfully shows how
    Esther wailed throughout the forceful abortion while under sedation.
    The clip further shows how Esther screamed painfully while the baby was
    being pulled out by force to teach her a lesson. The clips further show
    Esther in a pool of blood. Sinclair, their current baby is their second
    born but has since taken over as first-born. This report was confirmed
    from a doctor whose name is withheld after receiving death threats. The
    lawyers also have in custody numerous signatures signed by Esther’s dad
    Dr Arunga and other relatives ensuring that she was indeed taught a
    lesson. All to abandon one Quincy Timberlake in marriage.

    The book also praises K24’s media guru Jeff Koinange for his fruitful
    efforts to save Esther by calling several points of interests to rush
    and rescue. It is indeed Jeff Koinange who led trusted companies to
    where Esther was being tortured by simply phoning. Without Koinange’s
    help, Esther might have died.

    ‘Dr Njenga must face full arms of the law and be the best lesson to others who do the same,’ explains Miguna.

    Canadian Kenyan internationally acclaimed solicitor Miguna Miguna is a
    renowned lawyer for human rights, anti-corruption and equality. He’s the
    immediate former Kenya’s Prime Minister in-charge of Coalition Affairs.

    Having parted ways on the allegations of corruption and impunity at the
    PM’s office, Miguna Miguna now threatens to write two books containing
    content readers may find disturbing. The Denver Post advises viewer
    discretion. It seems he’s in the war to stay until personal differences
    are toned down.

    Leaked sections of his books are roaming in the British press. The book
    claims that in 2010 the INTERPOL in Nairobi denied having received any
    reports that Timberlake stole US$70m from a French bank in Paris. “We
    did not and do not intend to receive such a malicious accusation because
    we’ve never received a theft case of that amount by an individual,”
    said the then senior CID officer who was attached to Interpol in
    Nairobi. The then director of serious crimes unit (CID HQs) told a
    Nairobi court in February 2010 that he had a dossier showing that
    Interpol once had Timberlake on a list of people they wanted over $70m
    theft charges. INTERPOL warned of serious consequences against
    politicians who were aimlessly exaggerating reports attaching them to it
    for their own gains. INTERPOL cleared Timberlake of any charges since
    his fingerprints and bio-data could not be found on criminals list of
    people wanted for gross theft.

    ‘Do not hold a personal grudge against Esther and Timberlake simply
    because you didn’t achieve your personal selfish interests for your
    pleasure..they remain our children, our fellow Kenyans and who knows may
    be in future..our ‘new crop of leaders.’ Am a senior security officer
    and attached to the High Court. As a prosecutor, we’ve gathered enough
    evidence inclusive of video clips and audio from a mobile service
    provider tagged to several senior government officers. Investigations
    are on going at NCIC offices to establish the truth on these clips and
    people commiting those crimes. Indeed in the clips we may see Dr Njenga,
    Dr Arunga, Dr Okonji and a nurse going by the name Joseph begging
    Esther not to sue them. Enough evidence to send them to jail for the
    longest time with no remorse. I wish you were in the position to watch
    the video clips of these young people’s torture, especially Esther. As a
    parent, I shed tears. Kenyans, please, lets set aside any hate on them
    and instead begin to understand the truth coming out to light. We’re
    waiting for other relevant authorities to complete investigations and
    then the biggest court battle shall begin again. 2012 shall see most of
    these politicians especially from ODM caged in jail. Trust me, CJ has
    brought a lot of changes to these courts and no one is above the law to
    intimidate another one. We shall end this crime against humanity. NCIC
    can confirm that the most hate comments against the Timberlake family
    originate from Luos passionate of their Prime Minister, but as a court
    officer anybody caught on the side of gross crimes against humanity must
    face the full law.’, Chief inspector A. W. who requested his identity
    be protected said in alarm.

    ‘Why?? Because of voodoo. Reason? Our prominent sons and daughters are
    being sat on by PM Raila, and no one speaketh. Siaya is completely gone
    and owned by Raila and the people of Siaya have had their land stolen
    from them. Luo’s Mollasses, the public sponsored and financed by the
    Greater Luo Nyanza, Muhoroni Sugar shut down intentionally to terminate
    Luos’ wealth is suddenly under PM Raila’s ownership. Luo thrift projects
    at Kisumu and Tom Mboya Hall are run and controlled by the Odinga
    network. Luo land and wealth has been illegally and unconstitutionally
    acquired by Raila’s special interest cartels network including Migingo,
    Osienala e.t.c. Migingo island game was a typical “theatre” performed by
    Raila himself by involving someone who’s publicly known as his enemy to
    confuse Kenyans. After all the theatrical dramas, Migingo has since
    secretly fallen under Raila’s footrest. Makalda mines and other natural
    resources in the whole of Nyanza has been sold illegally to unscrupulous
    business merchants from South Africa, Canada, Nigeria and the US. Now
    another illegal allocation of government shares has just taken place at
    East African Portland Cement, how can such an enormous cement empire be
    sold without government’s knowledge? Remember, Raila runs the
    Industrialization docket under Minister Amason Kingi,’ a diaspora
    spokesperson explained.

    Leaked parts of the notorious author’s book claims that the special
    interest cartels who look for “free business enterprising” without going
    by the Reform Agenda Constitutional Policy to regulate and control the
    business empire. Reasons being mutual business undertaking should
    benefit all stakeholders in a balanced shares contractual agreement
    without discrimination or being corrupted or stolen from in any way.
    Dominion farm is polluting the environment. Siaya people have complained
    of food poisoning which includes toxic substances in their agricultural
    produce dangerous for consumption.

    It goes on stating reasons why Raila will not put pressure on Dr Robert
    Ouko killers to face justice against one of his major 2007 election
    pleas. They’ve become “birds of the same feather”. It goes on explaining
    how Raila has taken Luos for granted. ‘We’re not foolish,’ explains
    Miguna. According to him, Luos are animals of burden and meant to be
    slaughtered at his will. ‘Luos are worthy being driven to concentration
    camps. If Raila claims to be a people’s fighter, why are his friends
    outside Kenya questionable? Look closely at his friendship with the late
    Gaddafi,’ the leaked parts of the book explains.

    Issues at stake include the recent placement in the government’s plum
    jobs, appointment of diplomats and lack of foresight in efforts to
    revive the stalled economic outlets, such as Kicomi Ltd, Kenya Breweries
    Kisumu plant , proper management of the lucrative sugar industry and
    tea farms.
    Pro-Raila group wants all the Luos to be kept in one huge basket for his
    own political mileage and control. But the proponents of the idea felt
    that the splitting of the Nyanza Province into counties would be
    beneficial to the region because it will attract more government
    But the Luo intellectuals and professionals have now revisited the idea
    once again and are deciding to throw their weight behind Quincy
    Timberlake of the African Democratic Congress Party.
    The group believes there is leadership vacuum in Nyanza and that there
    is the need for the region’s residents to build several new centre of
    power to gravitate in Gusii and greater Southern Nyanza regions.
    Otieno Kajwang, is being dismissed as being too childish and not a
    serious person worth trusting with the responsibility of leading the Luo
    to higher heights of development. At the same time State Police
    Assistant Minister Orwa Ojode is seen as an achiever and a dynamic
    politician who has successfully developed his hitherto backyard of
    Ndhiwa constituency to a new hub of massive economic development.
    Kajwang’s scathing attacks are growing over why he intentionally injured
    Quincy Timberlake’s nationality by nailing him in detention knowing
    very well he was a fellow Luo. All these are Raila’s hat tricks to
    discourage the young and mighty from rising up politically in the Nyanza
    The Prime Minister is reported as having recently released ten tractors,
    which were donated by the UNDP to the Nyanza Province for the purpose
    of improving agricultural activities in the region. Raila released the
    tractors to Bondo his home turf and ignored other agriculturally rich
    regions where the tractors could be put to a better use of improving
    food production in the region.
    A number of ODM MPs from Luo-Nyanza are said to be secretly backing the
    separation plan to free the Luos from the Southern region from those of
    Bondo and Siaya.
    While the Prime Minister Odinga is being credited for having taken bold
    steps to ensure that illegal squatters were evicted from the
    controversial Mau Forest Complex in the South Rift, he is at the same
    time being accused of having failed to initiate any meaningful dialogue
    for the resuscitation of the ailing sugar industry in Nyanza and the
    improvement of the fishing industry in Lake Victoria. Raila has then
    allowed the fish cannery be built outside Nyanza at a political game

    According to Miguna’s book, anti-Raila elements in Nyanza are accusing
    the Prime Minister for lack of total commitment in the real task of
    poverty eradication. Instead, the PM is said to be busy engaged in
    promoting politics of hero worshipping and sycophancy.
    The professionals in Luo Nyanza are also said to be rooting for the
    communal harmonization between the Luos as and the neighboring
    communities irrespective of the political party of affiliation, at the
    same time blaming the current crop of MP from the region for promoting
    politics of hatred..They’re pushing a former tortured freedom fighter
    Timberlake to engage in talks with Ruto and the Kalenjins for unity and
    ignore Raila in this deal for the better neighborhood future.
    Circumcision, the book argues, should not be the community’s priority.
    There are other priorities which Raila should tackle with his Luo
    parliamentary colleagues. Dr Oburu Oginga and his younger brother must
    stop the bad habit of rushing to the press on every single issue in this
    country. They must learn to be cohesive and tolerant because such
    uncoordinated comments on contentious issue affected a colleague in arm
    must be avoided at all cost. We were able to establish the names of the
    professional and politicians said to be behind the latest move to
    isolate Raila Odinga from the Southern Nyanza Luos but couldn’t air them
    not to injure Miguna’s upcoming explosive books, though it is true that
    several meetings have taken place in both Nyanza and Nairobi. The group
    has scathingly criticized Raila for having distributed government plum
    jobs to his kith and kin from Bondo and Siaya counties in the East
    African big economy. It was, perhaps, after flooring the moneyed and
    experienced Raila that Timberlake’s political character began to form.
    And it took the shape of an ambitious, domineering party hawk; a
    ruthless operator and a die-hard defender of his beliefs. Raila
    meanwhile is doing all he can to block all Timberlake’s initiated
    projects like water, jigger, school fees, semi permanent homes and
    murram road projects in South Nyanza.

    It is the reason why his under-table deals with Museveni, Kibaki and
    Moi, are reasons why we’re forcibly evicted and our being driven out of
    our community villages, from our homes and out of our homes to be
    homeless. It is the reason why Prof Wajackoya was given a soft landing
    and security protection in a foreign land after the demise of Dr Robert
    Ouko. This all amounts to violation, crime and abuse against humanity.

    The book further explains that after Siaya, Raila foot soldiers,
    inclusively are aiding him in the unscrupulousness. Such must be watched
    very carefully and the greater Nyanza must wake up before we are all
    finished. The late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga at least had some empathy on
    Luos. But Raila!!! Take a look at how Raila masterminded the “Luo Cut”
    in the darkness. This is illegal and is a serious crime. ‘Where did you
    ever see people performing surgery on human bodies at night?’ Miguna
    asks. ‘Check Quincy Timberlake’s body and you’ll be awed at the marks of
    forceful surgery performance by the Raila’s elite forces after the
    Kenyan CIDs handed him over to them. One Kenyan American Judy Miriga
    confirms she was there when all this took place after she was alerted on
    phone by a very confidant within the CIDs HQs.

    ‘Take a look at how he planned to finish Esther and Quincy Timberlake
    through false accusations and searching for all means to ensure that
    Timberlake remained in detention for long She asks. The book further
    explodes more ‘dark’ questions on Timberlake’s |Darkness Period.’Who
    knows that Timberlake was fed his own faeces in detention? Who knows
    that Timberlake was taken to CID HQs investigation room only to meet
    Arungas as his investigators?’ The book further asks curiously. It
    further states that the Director of Serious Crimes Unit at CID HQs Henry
    Ndombi should be quizzed over the matter. Truely, Kenyans have a right
    to demand to know when Dr Robert Arunga and his extended clan were
    recruited into the Police Force to quiz suspects at Mazingira House.
    Denver Post have the CCTV recordings showing footage how Arunga’s family
    publicly assaulted Timberlake at Kileleshwa police station in front of
    Police Officers in plain daylight. Especially Esther’s brother Paul
    Arunga who numerously assaulted Timberlake inside a green Mercedes Benz
    plated KAT ****. ‘Kenyans, did you know how Mbaruk’s accident was
    organised by Timberlake’s assailants? Who knows how Kilimani CIDs were
    ordered to sneak a 100 g of cocaine into Timberlake’s suitcase? But a
    very empathetic CID officer realized Timberlake was innocent and later
    removed the polythene bag. Who knows how Timberlake’s tea was poisoned
    in detention and instead was wrongly fed to a Mbo-i-Kamiti official who
    was by then in jail?’ Miguna asks in the book. There are several footage
    captured by ‘saved’ CID officers showing how Timberlake was
    electrocuted severally and forced to swear not to marry Esther and also
    forced to confess that he stole US$70m. ‘Who knows how Timberlake was
    threatened with the words “unajua tunapotezanga watu kama nyinyi huko
    Karura?” asks the book. Now Timberlake is exposed to ODM’s political
    frustration and mental torture at the pleasure of some selfish Kenyans.’
    Miriga explained in tears.

    ‘Shame on you! Why don’t you have Timberlake’s corpse on your dinner
    tables then?? A media personality has admitted to us how Raila
    compromises them to write anything he wants to be read by Kenyans. This
    book is also talking about how Raila compromises Opinion Pollsters to
    show him winning all the time. He went on to tell us that Raila ensured
    that Kenyan media totally blacked-out Timberlake and his wife. An audio
    showing a footage showing how Raila’s foot soldiers are discussing how
    to completely eliminate Timberlake is also within our reach. Who knows
    how Timberlake’s Syokimau home was demolished deep inside Mavoko county?
    Anything online that fights for Timberlake’s life is met by a full
    force and blocked.’ she added.

    Miriga confirms, ‘OMG! Timberlake has lots of friends in the diaspora.
    We must thank VP Kalonzo for ensuring that he’ll dispatch security team
    to protect the Timberlakes. I am Judy Miriga exploding Raila and do not
    avert the reality for the sake of your PM by crucifying Timberlake for
    no good reason. ODM has sent several hitmen to try and kill me here in
    the US but in vain. Am very protected and they won’t touch my skin. I
    paid for Timberlake’s varsity’s fees in the Washington State; I
    temporarily housed him when he arrived in the US illegally and had
    nowhere to go to. Raila started sending his ruthless sergeants to finish
    Timberlake long time before hr was well-known publicly. This is because
    he also stole their land in South Nyanza and he Timberlake tried to
    block all the avenues. We’re currently paying for Timberlake’s party
    website for elections 2013 and it should be ready any moment from now.
    He shall be well oiled financially for elections. Their enmity is not of
    today!!! Kenyans must know this,’ she tell the Denver Post.

    ‘PM Raila teamed up with his cronies and misled Kenyans that Timberlake
    wasn’t a Luo by tribe. But while Timberlake was in my house, he could
    utter some deep words in Luo until I could get confused, am a witness.
    They claimed Timberlake was not a Luo so that they could seek illegal
    ways under the table away from the public limelight to deport him. Lord
    help us almost all countries rejected that plea and Timberlake could not
    be exported in to “extinction”. Immigration Minister Kajwang’ was also
    in the picture when he refused to accept that Timberlake was a real Luo
    who happened to have gone to school with his younger brother. While
    Timberlake tried to speak in Luo with him. Kajwang’ adamantly refused to
    respond back but in English to justify their evil wants in front of
    media that indeed he wasn’t a Luo,’ she told our reporters.

    ‘They all in collision schemed and planned a conspiracy to have Esther
    married in their “clan hood” Nabongo Mumia through threats and pretence.
    This is where one Wilson Malaba arrived into the picture and Esther
    discovered all the ill plans. She discovered that all along he was
    parents’ friend. Malaba, who adds up as Paul’s friend was he himself
    involved in this stench deal. Shame, shame and shame. This cruelty and
    crimes against humanity and must not be accepted. God is in control
    people. God was faithful and carried Esther and Quincy through. Raila’s
    voodoo, the Nigerian “juju” , or whatever he used to blind the Luos-the
    yoke of the evil one has been broken and destroyed. I can sure you
    people, Miguna’s book 2 books are explosive and ensure you buy them to
    discover what’s happening within Raila’s “Mafia-World” and his impunist
    designs of foot stepping on Luos trying to raise their heads,’ she adds.

    The book goes on saying: Miguna Miguna, Quincy Timberlake and Esther
    proved to us one thing. One can slightly damage dignity, but big time
    save their lives, since speaking the truth is Godly and therefore the
    truth is, it saved their lives .

    Today we are proud, we can still have Miguna Miguna, Quincy and Esther
    in the land of the living because they spoke out and protected their

    No one is perfect, we all make mistakes and there is room to start all
    over and with determination, we shall overcome all these hurdles………

    Miriga proclaims in Luo, “Sembe rombo ipimo gi nyawadgi”..God so good we
    are still alive. Miguna Miguna, Quincy Timberlake and Esther Arunga’s
    situation falls in the same category. If Miguna Miguna succumbed to his
    gentleman style of Luos protocol in protecting his dignity, today Miguna
    Miguna would be no more. He would be a carcass……We would have attended
    his funeral and he could be history like those who have passed on. If
    Quincy Timberland and Esther did not struggle to stand by the truth,
    they too would have gone in the silence of assassination, and they would
    be history by now, because these crooks believes Luos forget too
    quickly……..Miguna’s book shall explore the rest!’ she says.

    Raila has no heartily love for Luos. God has condemned and he has set us
    free at last. There’s no way Raila will rule Kenya in 2013. My fellow
    Luos, let’s wake up from this man’s strong voodoo. Yes, like Museveni
    who do not belong to Ugandans, Raila does not belong to Luos but Nabongo

    ‘We have only one question against Raila. Is he guilty of
    corruption,political assassinations and impunity or not? Your guess is
    as good as mine. It is only the Truth when laid bare that shall shame
    the Devil and set us as free people,’ she concludes.

    For Kenyans who are unaware, Judy Miriga is the Diaspora Spokesperson
    and the Executive Director at Confederation Foundation Council for
    Africa Inc. If you remember, Miriga is the one who fought tirelessly for
    the current PM Odinga to get a share of the coalition government cake
    when he lost presidential elections. She fought from the US and are one
    of those Kenyans who sent Jandayi Frazier to come to Kenya in 2008.
    Surely, Raila must take her seriously. Miriga also worked with Raila
    under Jaramogi Odinga at Agip House, it is here where Raila financially
    frustrated her and she had no other choice but run into exile after
    death threats were issued.

  2. The moment Raila started imagining that by using malice,
    falsehoods and character assassination against others could get him to
    the earth under his feet crumbled. Thats why the same same stuff he used
    on others is coming back to haunt him. This is because there was a
    newcomer to the block going by the name Quincy Timberlake. You can
    imagine what will happen if Miguna becomes PNU’s Stalin’s weapon against
    Raila. PNU should pay him 100 times what Raila was paying him to
    preserve him for even better day use!!!! His general thrust was that the
    PM’s office was riddled with corruption, torture and nepotism,
    promising to reveal all in a tell-all book. An estranged confidant of
    Prime Minister Raila Odinga claims the lifting of his suspension was
    aimed at blocking him from publishing two “explosive” books on his
    experiences in the PM’s office and also about harsh treatments Quincy
    Timberlake received. “What they are trying to do is to stop me from
    releasing my book and stopping the cases in court and also urging me not
    to publish any dossier on how Timberlake’s torture was single handedly
    arranged by the PM himself. I can assure that the book will be
    published, it is already with the printer and they can do nothing about
    it,” Mr Miguna Miguna told the CNN iReporters. At least five meetings
    had been held between Mr Odinga’s emissaries and Mr Miguna over the last
    two weeks, culminating in last Tuesday afternoon’s meeting between the
    two. The meetings, reportedly brokered by a mutual friend described by
    Mr Miguna as a “highly respected corporate titan”, came in the wake of a
    string of scathing attacks directed at the PM. “I cannot speculate
    about the reason that made Raila look for me. He sent a highly respected
    corporate titan in this country who is a mutual friend to both of us,”
    Mr Miguna told the CNN iReporters. “That is why they wanted me to sign
    the local agreement because I’m sure if you read the fine print, there
    are things like ‘one should not write a book while in government
    service’ and things like that. I will also not withdraw the cases in
    court. Why should I?” he added. Mr Miguna on Saturday called a press
    conference to reject an offer that he return to work as Mr Odinga’s
    adviser on constitutional affairs after an investigation cleared him of
    the alleged misdeeds that led to his suspension last August. Miguna now
    threatens to write a book on how Esther Arunga’s tribulation was solely
    arranged at PM’s office. Mr Odinga, in conjunction with her parents put
    her through that ordeal in order to abandon Quincy Timberlake in
    marriage. This is because Esther was to be forcefully married within the
    ODM circles and to be kept as a loyal asset and weapon for 2012 General
    Elections’ usage. Esther’s influence was to be used as an ODM tool for
    “pied piper” purposes in the media. According to Miguna, Timberlake is a
    very big upcoming threat in Nyanza politics because of his unique
    dareness against the establishment of the Odinga dynasty. His freeness
    of speech is a special concern at the PM’s office. PM has severally used
    his aides to consult Timberlake, but with vanity results. “Who doesn’t
    know that Timberlake has been maltreated in the form a freedom fighter??
    “ Miguna added. Timberlake knows having suffered at the hands of the
    most poisonous politician in the country, his value has gone up. The
    very knowledge that he has of the poison torturing him makes him
    extremely a hot cake. “Those who tortured Timberlake will never sleep
    again” Miguna adds. “I heard with my ears at several occasions how
    arrangements were made for Timberlake to be declared an illegal citizen
    of Kenya and be deported back to nowhere. This nowhere country was to be
    a major trouble as long as those countries rejected their plea to play
    along their “ill-arrived at” arrangements, especially PM’s best Africa’s
    ally, Nigeria. It was a painful experience that brought tears to my
    eyes and these were one of the reasons I commenced disagreeing with the
    PM. From here, I also heard all the details on how the so-called “media
    4th Estate” was to be compromised to conduct a major all-out offensive
    attack against this poor Timberlake. Media barons and greedy
    personalities then ensured Timberlake was mud-slinged inside Kenyan
    viewers’ living rooms.” Miguna told the iReporters.
    also confirmed that Ikolomani MP Bonnie Khalwale was also bribed to
    bring the “Timberlake Bill” in to parliament and it is from here he
    declared that Timberlake alongside Nigeria’s Anthony Chinedu and Wajir
    South MP Sirat were not Kenyans and were to be deported immediately.
    Another smokescreen was where Dr. Robert Arunga, his wife Petroline
    Amollo and Esther’s uncle David who is the current Ambassador to Egypt
    met the PM with Otieno K’ajwang’ at his office. They discussed on how to
    damage this humble young man’s profile. They concluded Timberlake was a
    “thorn in the ass” to their fishy affairs, regional politics and was a
    “madoa doa” inside their peak mount” establishment going by the name
    “WENE NDALO” empire. So they organised to eject Timberlake out of Kenya
    through the courts to publicly appear official. But first, media
    personalities were to be compromised with new cars, houses and heavy
    perks as “gifts”. These editors could be seen coming in and leaving PM’s
    precints at will. The likes of “Standard’s” David Ohito, Ben Agina;
    NMG’s “Buzz’s”  and “Zuqka’s” writers and editors; “Truth”, “The Star”
    and “Sunday Express’s” journalists are recorded on several CCTV cameras
    meeting and exchanging hands with PM’s messengers of trust and barking
    dogs. For your information, Mutahi Ngunyi in the due process of these
    politics was thrown out of NMG via Raila’s request. Immigration
    Department who were ordered to conduct investigations in to whether
    Timberlake was a Kenyan were finally shocked when they discovered that
    indeed he was 100% Kenyan but till date haven’t yet tabled the report in
    parliament to clarify his nationality as it could be a big headache and
    embarrassment to PM and his allies. Timberlake was later sedated and
    kept at Limuru’s morgue where he was to be killed and declared found
    dead, but Esther caught up with the latter and busted the crime to the
    press and friendly police. Regarded as the mastermind of the political
    plan to take back Nyanza not from ODM but from the current dictator, is
    Mr Timberlake — a man of such brilliance and talent that authorities
    are afraid of him and continuously persecute him with arrests, court
    charges and detention heroic style! Timberlake is unaware that his life
    is in danger currently, for these hired hitmen by the PM  are busy
    assailing him always and are waiting for the orders when heated
    temperature cools down nearing the mid year to assassinate him then
    place a gun and drugs on him and, therefore claim he was gunned down by
    Police as a suspect. “This is the reason they’re denying Timberlake
    Kenya’s passport to fly out of the country because they want to finish
    him and wipe him off the Nyanza map” Miguna told the CNN iReporters.

    is corruption inside the Prime Minister’s office. Unlike many people in
    and around the office of the PM, l have never been involved in
    corruption. I have never acted in pursuit of personal self interests. I
    had been instructed by Raila to author the article published in The Star
    and which was critical of the IIEC chairman Ahmed Issack Hassan and the
    position he had taken with respect to the ODM’s decision to kick out
    rebellious MPs and councillors. Raila was critical of IIEC chairman
    because of his stand against Oswago being prepared to automatically
    reject Timberlake’s documents during the upcoming General Elections.
    This was the to deny Timberlake a chance to run for any political office
    in Kenya. And other senior officers at the Registrar of Political
    Parties’ office were also warned of dire consequences should they
    recognise Timberlake’s political party. Infact, it hurt Raila so much
    that the Finger of God case was finally withdrawn under the orders from
    the new CID Director who felt pain over this innocent couple’s
    mistreatment. It was discovered that it is the CID itself that gave the
    Registrar’s  of Societies a go ahead to approve the Finger of God as a
    society in the Republic of Kenya. Raila ensured that this news didn’t
    see the light of the day and up to date, Kenyans do not know what
    happened to the case. It was the PM who instructed me to write a column
    on topical social, political, governance, legal and constitutional
    issues.” Miguna told CNN iReporters. “Indeed,
    the PM has on a number of occasions not only given me specific
    assignments; he has consistently approved of and praised (many times in
    the presence of others) my articles and defended me when PNU demanded
    that I be either stopped from writing or be fired for the same. I have
    worked as a slave for Raila Odinga. Raila Odinga knows that I have done
    nothing wrong. He has been made aware by the IIEC that I was NOT
    involved at all in any conspiracy to undermine the commission. I have
    been advised that the IIEC has informed the PM that an internal
    investigation conducted by the IIEC had revealed that the author of the
    articles published in the Star newspaper under the byline Gikonyo Boaz —
    and whose contents nobody has refuted — is one Dr Baraza who is well
    known to the commission. The PM has been advised that I have no
    connections, links, nor do I know who Dr Baraza is.”He lamented.“Despite
    all these, the PM and others around him claimed that they were
    ‘sacrificing’ me ‘to save Major Oswago. The IIEC CEO James Oswago’s
    personal assistant Roy Allan Odongo was suspended following internal
    investigations that revealed there was a link between him and the
    critical articles. A laptop seized revealed the unedited versions of the
    articles. Oswago was recalled from an official trip in the Philippines
    to assist in the investigations.” Miguna said.“That
    is why am also out to explode the truth behind the torture that one
    innocent Kenyan citizen Quincy Timberlake went through. You may hate me
    for sacrificing your Prime Minister but when shall the naked truth be
    known? Why won’t Kenyans want to discover the truth behind Timberlake’s
    torture at Nyayo House, Limuru morgue, CID headquarters, Industrial Area
    Prison, Dennis Pritt Road and Karura Forest? Whether you allow me or
    not, I shall duly explode it to the Kenyans who’ll want to know the
    truth!” Miguna confirmed.Miguna is now going to
    another level bythreatening to break the news how a   former TV anchor
    Esther Arunga was abused, humiliated, molested and   sedated at the
    hands of PM Odinga, her dad Dr Arunga, Dr Frank Njenga  of  Bustani
    Medical Centre (37 Muthangari Road) and the CID’s hired  goons. Reports
    that some disgrantled ODM officials are holding the  signatures of Dr
    Arunga, CID officer Alphonse Lumosi and PM Raila’s  phone calls are
    creating more furore in Kenya. MANN advocates are also  preparing to
    make a fresh start of lawsuits on behalf of Esther  Timberlake as enough
    evidences have since been gathered!!

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