“ killer gangs/police

Like an asshole everyone has an opinion… A few days ago an uniformed policeman is beaten by a truck driver he had flagged down on Thika road… it was all in media and people were all over making fun out of it and some applauding the truck driver…. Yesterday the media was all full on the police killing of armed gangsters on Langata road .The reactions from all quarters ….. And the minister in charge was like…”I have directed the Commissioner of Police to interdict with immediate effect the officers in order to pave way for thorough investigations,” Now I seat back and ask… What is to be investigated… had the police officers been shot dead by the thugs they were trailing… What would be the reaction from the same minister???? Were the thugs carrying a gun going for a shooting game or were out to kill innocent citizens?? How do you gauge a thug in a possession of a gun as innocent/ guilty??? It bothers me that people feel the police did the wrong thing to kill these gangsters. Take it this way, the civilians take the law into their arms and beat up the police officers who stop them for questioning. For heaven’s sake if we encourage this we are going to bring up a lawless nation where citizens don’t respect the police force as an institution and soon it will degenerate to civil war… People need to understand that the police officers are human beings, our brothers and sisters, wives, husbands and dear ones who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of our safety… the case of the police officers killing armed thugs… take it this way… The police officers go on a strike ,call it a go slow (Am sorry their oath of office does not allow them to do so), relax and take a back seat on fighting these dangerous criminals for just a month….And the thugs have a field day…. I believe all what is needed is to streamline the judicial system so that when cops align criminals in court they don’t get away with it leaving the police officer who caught him red handed in an act of crime feeling stupid. Fellow countrymen, we need to be of a sober mind and let us all be law abiding citizens. Have a crime free day and weekend ahead.

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