Kibaki denies media reports on EU diplomats

By Presidential Press Service


We refer to the Saturday lead story in the People newspaper headlined “Kibaki unreachable, EU diplomat’s claim”.

The story is misleading and fails to capture the essence of the “Kibaki Presidency diplomatic outlook”.

To begin with, the story is based on the quotations of the French Ambassador to Kenya who has been quoted on the fortunes of his President Sarkozy in upcoming elections. We do not seek to contradict his views on upcoming elections in his country but disagree with his views on events in our country.

President Kibaki has always sought to have time to all envoys in the country on the basis of fair diplomatic representation.

The President’s diplomatic policy has been guided by Kenya’s present view of changing geo-political dynamics. This entails an understanding of the West and East confluence on world affairs in an ever changing environment.

President Kibaki’s visits abroad have been inspired by changing geo-political and economic realities. The President at the very beginning declared that his priorities would be East African integration hence his first international state visits were Tanzania and Uganda that today account for over 50 per cent of our global travel.

China and Japan have emerged as strategic development partners of Kenya especially in the area of infrastructure development that has been a key pillar of the President’s agenda.

The results are there for everybody to see. The President has however not ignored traditional allies and has continued to engage them through various fora.

President Kibaki has also made it a point to meet as many Heads of State as possible when he travels for multilateral meetings hence covering more ground during such forums as the UN Assembly.

On the issue of Somalia, President Kibaki has stated that Kenya’s intervention is not based on pleasing any external powers but is a case of helping a neighbor in need.

The Somalia issue was ignored by the international Community as a hopeless case and for 20 years, the people of that country had given up on any hope of recreating their nation.

Kenya has done its bit and remains fully focused on the work ahead of reconstructing the nation of Somalia.

President Kibaki has made his views on Somalia clear to both the International Community and the Kenyan people. As a country we look forward to the support of those who would like to see the one million citizens currently domiciled as refugees in Kenya safely return to their homeland.

Kenya’s focus on its neighbourhood that has seen intensification on projects that will uplift the welfare of the citizens of the East African community and the horn of Africa must not be dismissed through inaccurate reports by the EU and other players as suggested by the People newspaper.

Kenya today stands as a front runner in efforts to link our neighbours through the Lamu-South Sudan Ethiopia development corridor. This is not diplomatic finesse but actualities on the ground.

President Kibaki has invited all development partners be they Eastern of Western oriented, to be active participants in our transformative process.

The President has been strategic and has not been unreachable to any nation that works for the good of the Kenyan people and appreciates the role played by external partners in endeavors to uplift the lives of Kenyans and citizens of neighbouring states.

31st March, 2012.

2 Replies to “Kibaki denies media reports on EU diplomats”

  1. in terms of this article i totally agree with the kanyan government change of policy and foreign affairs. The Europeans have never been our partners and therefore we should treat them as such. They had many years and the opportunity to prove this and failed. They should now get used to being an after thought in our affairs and development. The less closeness we as Kenyans and African as whole have with the Europeans the better. They seek no partners but servants and exploitative deeds in Africa and they would love to continue their gravy train at the expenses of African/Africans. They chinese and the rest are welcome only as equal and fair developmental partners. But also Africans should be using this channel as way to a complete independence from everyone but AFRICANS. Use this opportunity for every developmental aspect of africa with one goal of self reliance and opportunities for every african.

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