Kenyans should let go of drama

People don’t like hearing good things all the time. It’s boring. There has to be an element of drama. There has to be something that will be interesting enough for it to be repeated to someone else.

Even in restaurants, at home, at work. When bad things happen, everybody wants to know about it. It makes for interesting debate. People marvel at these things and analyse them. The worse and more incredulous they are, the funnier they become; depending on the nature of course.

Bad news can even make you popular. When you know all these bad stories and have a habit of collecting them and narrating them to people, they want to hang around you and know what’s going on. Of course you will have to know how to balance it with good stories here and there.

Once in a while however, people like staying home to watch a heart wrenching movie, maybe to remind themselves that good things still happen in this world.

All these thoughts came to me when I was looking for a topic for my blog today. I was tired of writing about all the bad things that we as a country and even as human beings are facing. But then I wondered whether the lack of drama, or scandal would make it boring. Still, I will soldier on.

I wanted us as Kenyans to think about the good things. It is not very nice to drive in this country nowadays. Most of the roads are smoother and others have promise of improvement. Is it not easier nowadays to send money to the village without going through too much trouble? You even send less, because relatives are becoming less dependant on those living in Nairobi.

Isn’t it nice to be able to get directions from someone without being scared that you will be misled or conned? Let’s appreciate as Kenyans that we are good people. That it is easy and even expected to get service with a smile; that you can go bowling or to Uhuru Park with your family. That it is affordable to go to a cinema hall to watch a movie. And when you’re down and out, depend on one of your many family members to bail you out or stand by you.

Let’s appreciate the small things that make us happy and try not to take them for granted. Even though it could get boring, I think it’s necessary to use these good thoughts to have hope for a better future. To give you psyche/morale to make yourself better and as a result make your surroundings better. Without positive thoughts there can be little growth.

We should try and flip tables on the boring aspect and make this a better country. So, what’s good with you?

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