Kenyans no longer fooled by scare tactics


An article by Karuti Kanyinga titled “every election has consequences, but this time our choices are stark” left a bad taste in the mouth (Saturday Nation, February 23).

The article, masquerading as intellectual discourse, was really nothing more than the tired clichéd attack on the presidential ticket of Mr Uhuru Kenyatta and Mr William Ruto that we have come to expect from intellectuals who have sold their souls to the West.

Prof Kanyinga is part of a group of intellectuals and civil society activists who think that Kenyans are so dumb they cannot be trusted with democracy.

They, therefore, must be saved from themselves. This attitude is very insulting to millions of Kenyans and their thinking capacity.
It’s also not difficult to figure out his alignment.

A consultancy associated with him, South Consulting, did a hatchet job on the IEBC for Kofi Annan’s report on electoral preparedness.
That report said IEBC is “unprepared” to run the poll.

These attacks have risen to a crescendo in recent weeks by people whose declared goal is to stop Uhuru becoming president at all costs, even if it means subverting the will of the people.

Prof Kanyinga goes on at great length to regurgitate tired arguments about the “consequences” of Uhuru’s election.

There will be sanctions, and the economy will collapse as the “international community” adopts a “wait-and-see attitude”, and so on ad infinitum.

This is dishonest. The international community is not made up of two or three Western countries with vested interests.
The envoys of countries like Germany and Denmark, among others have stated categorically they will work with “whomever Kenya elects as president”.

Further, the European Union, despite their prevarication on this matter, categorically ruled out sanctions if Uhuru is elected.

The African Union has asked the world not to meddle in Kenya’s politics and to let citizens elect their president without interference.

Many other “friends of Kenya” have told businesses from their countries operating here to work with whomever Kenyans employ.

So, where is this message about fire and brimstone coming from?

One can only conclude that there is a small cabal of local and international meddlers who have a certain agenda they are trying to sell to everybody.

Unfortunately for them, in Kenya where it matters, that agenda has fallen flat.

Prof Kanyinga goes on to harp about the “critical” place of development assistance in Kenya. Well and good.

But what President Kibaki has been doing is to move Kenya from the servitude of the “Lords of Poverty” who dole out so-called development assistance as a tool for keeping entire populations chained.

More importantly, Kenya now has choices, and nobody will ever dictate to it again what it can or cannot do.

So, to keep harping on such an old line shows just how far behind some people have been left by the brave new Kenya.

The other issue to pose about the heightened activity against Uhuru and Ruto by Prof Kanyinga is this: why now?

In a word, desperation! All the well-plotted plans to derail Uhuru’s candidature have come unstuck.

The ruling by a five-judge bench that it had no jurisdiction to hear the integrity case against the Jubilee ticket sent Prof Kanyinga and his ilk into a panic.

The bogeyman of the ICC has had a completely counter-productive effect from what was intended.

Worse, the ICC has now been dismissed by former US Under-Secretary of State Jendayi Frazer as “a very manipulated institution”.

It is time Prof Kanyinga and his ilk realised that they are living in the past. The old order has changed for all time. Kenyans have moved on, and are on a completely different agenda.

(Machel Waikenda is TNA’s director of Communications. Twitter: @MachelWaikenda)

17 Replies to “Kenyans no longer fooled by scare tactics”

  1. Spot on. As a matter of fact every election has got consequences and that is there must be a winner and a loser. Kenya is a trading partner to some of this countries speaking sanctions and the same would have a far reach effect on both countries. The voices of the Kenyan electorate must be respected come March 4th. The world must be willing to work with Kenya’s chosen leader. They brought in integrity question, the supreme court dismissed the matter. They brought the ICC issue, it emerges this has always been a international political institution manipulated by some forces. Some of the countries that talk sanctions aren’t even member states of ICC. It came to corruption, and it emerged during the #KEDebate13 that the best performer was scandal free. All the odds stacked against the will of the people will fall miserably. Let Kenyans be the judge. There isn’t a voice stronger. As always, chose peace.

  2. No one is dying to stop Uhuru Kenyatta from becoming president at all. What most Kenyans are concerned about is the grave charges that he is facing at ICC. The fiction that someone is trying to stop him is neither here nor there! Of course, it has become fashionable to accuse those who are rather opposed on extremely fundamental grounds to criminal suspect leadership of being anti-Kenyan. That has indeed gone down very well with tribalists who have no qualms in believing that Kenya is no more than one community affair!

    Inspite of the bravado with no substance, if Uhuru by any stroke of bad luck is elected president, economic sanctions would be definitely unstoppable. No decent country on earth can deal with suspected criminal leadership. And moreso, when suspected to have involved in dislocating population, raping and murdering! Kenyans MUST REMOVE ANY SHRED OF DOUBT ABOUT IMPOSITION OF SANCTIONS. Western leaders hold their morals very high indeed and they wont be willing to shake Uhuru’s hand if Kenyans make a mistake of electing him. The small countries supposedly declaring their impartially will quickly join hands with major powers once a suspected immoral regime takes shape. Obviously, tribalists are misleading us that business can be as usual when suspects are in control. Either somebody does understand international affairs, or simply sees Kenyans as extremely gullible!

    USA, France and Britain are the international community incarnate. Anyone underrating their influence is certainly a day dreamer. Their combined economic power is enough to make any other power on earth to sing their tune,- willingly or otherwise. For instance, China given option of having her goods denied market in the three countries, or supporting Kenya isolation, WILL certainly go for their markets! Thus, to suggest that international community is not a three country affair is to self-deceive. For one, European Union has for number of years acted as one. How a little Kenya is supposed to divide them is hard to discern! Needless to say, they hardly defy their USA cousins when it comes to major decisions.

    Morals of western leaders are given high premium. Infact, no one in the west can become head of state when his moral standards are wanting. Such leaders are not expected to meet criminal suspects with elegant suits but spattered with human blood. Therefore, those countries that have timidly said they would support whoever wins, are merely holding back to see whether Kenyans are going to make huge mistake of their lives.
    African Union has always been irrelevant, if not toothless bulldog in international affairs. To seek solace in it is to self-insult. We saw what happened in Libya while AU was making all right noises but on the sidelines. It cant do a thing to decision of international community! Infact, if it could, we wont even be having our cases at ICC!! If anything, they will embrace sanctions a while later after being talked down by western powers.

    Tribal agenda is actually driving your arguments and I guess once the worts comes to the worst, you will quickly go down on knees to apologize to the nation. You havent told Keyans whether anywhere else on earth criminal suspects have been allowed to take charge! Even in non-democratic countries, suspected criminals remain so! They dont go for leadership of their respective countries! But you know, since the times of late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, Uhuru’s father, presidency has been repeatedly used to marginalize most parts of the country. Thus, it has become “WE MUST KEEP IT AT ALL COSTS” by those who have reaped enormous benefits from that act of marginalization!

    And Madam Frazer is not an authority in ICC matters. She is just a former assistant minister in Bush administration. Her personal comments dont amount to much. Perhaps, she is one of your many high priced “bought items” that has been keeping jubilee afloat! Former assistant ministers dont represent any authority. But since you are hellbent on desperately holding on any straws, it serves you pretty well to refer to her inconsequential pronouncements!!!!!

    1. OMG! How do you expect ANYONE to read your “blog” inside another blog? Become a blogger with Capital then! You are sickening now……narcissist.

      1. Am sure the truth is too chilling to you! So what do you do? Insult! Or perhaps your understanding of matters is pretty juvinile? Dont you know when matters are raised and you want to respond to each and every issue, there is no way you can be shorter? Baby comments are not the issue here boy, the idea is to counter opinion with irrefutable facts! Just try to say something that can make sense instead of narrowing yourself to the cheap!!!!

        1. I see where you are from but you can’t refute point for point in a single post…..spread it can post many times stating your case each time. That way you don’t sound boring…right now yaaaaaawwwwwn!

    2. Kwesi, your babble is woefully simplistic.
      No one in the international community will be quick to issue sanctions for multiple reasons. 1. Vested interests – with Nairobi as a regional hub for the region,key players are less than willing to see it go down. 2. The trajectory of sanctions is long, often requiring aid for reconstruction further down the road. As many Western economies are shrinking, they will be unwilling to take on any additional burdens. Why do you think Syria continues to happen? Have these westerners lost the morals you speak of in the face such death and suffering? It comes as no surprise therefore that many countries were quick to echo Obama’s sentiments i.e. their governments are ready to offer unequivocal support for a result that reflects the will of the people.

      1. The little economy in Nairobi cant disturb, let alone sustaining western economies! Apart from strategic interests, Kenya is just another small place that cant affect western economies. Perhaps, like your friend, you are desperately trying to hold on nothing, or ignorantly overrating things! By the way, when economic sanctions are imposed, reconstruction is never ever on the cards. Who said pumishment is carried out with favors in mind? How you are managing to come up with such irrelevant matters, is in itself a confirmation that you dont know what you are talking about! Slamming economic sanctions on a small economy like ours doesnt require second thoughts. The outcome is pretty predicable. Its known it will take a matter of weeks to get the desired effect. Or more omniously, in just a few days, the whole population will dramatically turn against suspected criminal leadership that would have formed. Thus, effect of sanctions, if any, to other economies wont be worthy mentioning at all!!!!

        1. Well Kenyans have voted and clearly they do not second your thoughts. Also, it is you who is ignorant because sanctions are followed by economic decline which warrants humanitarian disasters; particularly famine and disease epidemics. This is always a factor for consideration e.g. for Iraq during the Sadam era. The outcome is certainly not simple or predictable; time will tell.

      2. lol…
        You actually believe that Nairobi’s economy means anything to the west?
        The interests that you think the west has here are private businesses. There is no government in the west that would feel a pinch from not trading with us simply because we don’t dollar up sufficiently.

        Go ahead. Vote as you may. Its your Unga that is gonna go up, not Uhuruto’s.

        1. Seer, I suggest you clue up and read widely. Of course the types of investments being made by the likes of IMB, Google, GE, etc would not happen if ‘we did not dollar up sufficiently.’ Thankfully my fellow Kenyans do not share your pessimism and have made it clear in the polls.

  3. Whats the purpose of the ink after votinfg ..If the IEBC …has detected ..double registration ….does this mean it cannot detect double voting ..hence the ink……????

  4. Fact #1 – UK and Ruto are facing criminal charges at ICC;

    Fact #2 – They are running to be CEO and deputy CEO of Kenya;

    Fact #3 – I and 40+ million other citizens of Kenya own Kenya, Kenya is not owned by any individual, class of people, tribe, etc.;

    Fact #4 – UK and Ruto should not be dragging down the entire nation of 40 million with them as they deal with what they call ‘personal problem’ – they should go clear themselves and then come present themselves should they be proven innocent;

    Fact #5 – If UK and Ruto winning – the entire nation will be so focused on this ICC issues…when we should be focused on running of our companies, families, communiites, etc and my future president should also not be distracted by a HUGE ‘personal problem’ such as a criminal case……..

  5. The moment is here. We are all ready for a Jubillee
    presidency. Let us vote wisely and preach peace as our candidate Mr.Kenyatta
    has always preached during his campaigns. God bless Kenya and God bless the
    Jubillee government.

    1. Please….God aint blessing none in politics.
      Ask for wisdom. Not spiritual, but earthly wisdom. THe kind that tells you that you should not be lead by people with ICC problems.

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