Kenyans must take steps to attain harmony

In less than 100 days from today, the world will mark the International Day of Peace, a day set aside by the United Nations to appeal to combatants to observe ceasefire and reaffirm commitment to non-violence.

The day is also meant to promote peaceful resolution of disputes. This comes at a time when many African countries are still grappling with maintaining harmony within their territories.

In Kenya we are at a defining moment of changing our Constitution to one that is written by the people and for the people. Although this is supposed to come with buoyancy, sadly it seems not.

Why, I ask, have we taken to insults, hate speech and most recently deploying explosives on our fellow country men and women?

It is saddening to lose innocent souls, including children, and maim hundreds of others because of a difference in opinion. Resulting to use of explosives is the height of intolerance that should not be in Kenyans.

What is even more disheartening is to hear our very own political leaders, elected by the people, spreading hatred among the citizens.

After the violence that rocked the country following the 2007 elections, Kenyans should have learnt a lesson on the need to co-exist harmoniously and tolerate each other.

Peace begins with our inner selves, and a personal commitment to observe it. Our forefathers fought for us to live in peace and harmony and we should not let them down by shedding more innocent blood instead of having peaceful co-existence. We should learn to have healthy competition.

Let us remember that without peace we cannot flourish as a country. Investors will pull out and joblessness will become a norm to a majority of our people.

As we gear towards observing this year’s International Day of Peace on September 21, we need to individually ask ourselves what we are doing to promote peace in our communities and amongst ourselves.

And as UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon says, there are two truths as we start the countdown to the International Day of Peace: That only in a peaceful environment will young people realise their full potential and that young people have the potential to start building that peaceful world today.

I think that this is a key message for youthful Kenyans today to take and keep at heart.

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