Kenyans lets think positive

Today my blog is informed by a heated debate two of my pals had on Thursday evening while we were having a drink in down town Nairobi. The argument made me rethink the way I used to perceive things and energies around me. These two gentlemen had what I call a very healthy conversation.

The main thrust of the argument was the problems currently facing Kenyans; We have become a land of rationing. From food, electricity to water, it’s all rationed. All this, not to mention insecurity, the only thing in plenty supply.

And there were such questions as to whether Kenya is going forward or rapidly backwards towards oblivion. They asked each whether we as a country are doomed. The answer was ‘no’ but they agreed in unison that yes we are headed for doom if we don’t act now and with speed. Who is to blame for all the mess the country is facing?

But in the same breath the good gentlemen agreed that there are some good things the government has done. They agreed that there is improvement in our Health Care system – now you can safely take your sick one to a government dispensary and get medicine for free. You must have also noted, they argued, thousands of new electricity connections through the now famous Rural Electrification Programme…. They reminded each other of the ‘Stima loan’ commercial as well. And they didn’t leave it there. They went on to say the many positive things this government has done. They said the recruitment of nurses and teachers were some of the good things happening in this good country.

These and other long talks they had opened my eyes and made me think…why should I keep on complaining about the things that I don’t have? I should appreciate and praise the good ones that are with me. I found out that actually my pals had boosted my morale and when I woke up the following day, I started looking at things differently. And I am writing this article to call on Kenyans to appreciate what we have!

Imagine 10 years ago, we had so many children out of school, there was no Constituency Development Fund and we had to beg our MPs for handouts. Harambees were the order of the day but today at least we have something. We have good roads, hospitals, many nurses, doctors, teachers. We have built schools, dispensaries. We have electricity, though it is being rationed, I know there is some construction of dams going on as well to deal with our water issues.
Motivational speakers say positive thinking can change and improve your life. Maintaining a positive attitude will drive you to success and happiness. I want to try it. I want to have positive energy around me and pick up from the few good things the government has done.

But I am not advocating for corruption or mismanagement. I don’t support our current crop of leaders but I am only saying we need to change. And change begins with oneself. Change can only happen if we embrace it.

We need to stop envisioning what has been set by the old folks and focus on creating and implementing self strategies, systems.

This is our best shot at moving forward. Stop dwelling on past failures. Improve what needs improving, right the path where we went wrong. We need positive energy. We need to give positive energy. Think positive instead of always crying foul.
I am very grateful to my friends for opening up my eyes and hope Kenyans will follow suit and think positively about what we do have and work to improve it.

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