Kenyans in the Diaspora are soaring

For many years, Kenyans have been in the Diaspora but there has never been a time of awakening as such as this. Ever since President Barrack Obama rose to the US political hierarchy, Kenyans in the Diaspora have been soaring in different fields.

While I cannot mention each and every one of them, I will like to acknowledge a few examples of those who have made outstanding contributions on what they do when away from the Kenyan soils.

In the political front, Mr. Daniel Mwaura Njuguna, a native of Kenya, won a councillor seat in the Swedish Municipality of Botkyrka while Ms Elizabeth Kang’ethe was elected the councillor of Parsloe Ward in the United Kingdom last year.

Many have made landmarks in business and education sectors. Today, there are many Kenyan lecturers in higher institutions of learning worldwide. Just recently, Liza Mucheru Wisner, a Kenyan by birth portrayed great entrepreneurial skills in the Donald Trump Apprentice Real TV show. She proved before fans and fellow Kenyans that there is great entrepreneurial talent from the people of colour.

Kenyans have continued to realize their potential even while outside their homeland. That’s why they have formed different organizations to address the day the day today challenges facing them while living abroad.

From the formation of Kenya community Abroad (KCA) in the late 1990s, other organizations have sprung up including: Kenyans for Change (K4C), Diaspora Movement of Kenya (DMK), New Vision Mageuzi (NVK) and lastly, the Kenya Global Unity (KGU) which is the umbrella of all.

This is the surest way to nurture the culture of unity for those living abroad; hence a catalyst for economic, social and political change in our motherland.

In the media fraternity, Kenyans have not been left behind either. They have exhibited great talent and for the first time ever, we now have Kenyan owned Television Talk Show in the US. Mr. Job Matara Ombati his the presenter of a TV Program called Today and Now in the New England area of the United States.

He has interviewed several personalities in the American Society and even Kenyans. Among them are: Mr. Kurt Welper, President of New Hampshire Right to Life advocacy group, Dr. Alveda King, Martin Luther King’s niece who is a pro-life activist from Georgia.

Also those interviewed includes: Mr. Joseph Lister Nyaringo, of the Kenya Global Unity and Rev. John Wathogo of All Nations Lutheran Church based in Massachusetts. According to Mr. Ombati, he strives to tell true stories and sharing information in the show. He wants to use his TV show to enable his viewers to understand Africa and the Global Community.

Mr. Ombati his passionate with what he does in a field which is purely dominated by American whites. He says his is a service to both God and Man.

While Mr. Ombati is hosting Today and Now show behind the Cameras, Mr. Denzel Musumba and Martin Ouko are behind the Microphone for the East African Radio USA and Blog Radio respectively.

These three individuals believe in uniting fellow Kenyans in the best way they know possible. In Las Vegas, Denzel Musumba started his radio talk show when he was just 6 months old in the US and today, Swahili speakers can air their Views; listen to Kenyan music, news and thereby bringing people together.

Finally, we encourage many Kenyans to come out with their skills, creativity, knowledge and talent to continue putting our nation in the global public square. With the talents of Ombati, Musumba and Ouko, Kenya can now market the Tourism Sector in the West with ease.

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