Kenyans are terminally stupid!

Now that the American Ambassador has taught us, let me cast aside all level of diplomacy and speak my mind. We, Kenyans, suffer from terminal stupidity. In fact, it is so severe that we shall surely perish from our own daftness.

Consider these points with me. Firstly, ask almost any Kenyan today and they will tell you that the run up to the 2007 general elections had clear pointers to some sort of violence whatever the outcome of the polls. Even the NSIS had warned of sure chaos whether President Kibaki secured an undisputed landslide victory or lost fairly. I say we are dim-witted because some of us were cheated by some airhead politicians that a regime change would lead to Zimbabwe-style land redistribution. Our brethren then armed to the teeth in preparation for evictions of ‘outsiders’.

More than a year and a half later, I can bet you that these folks still believe they have a chance to own bigger chunks of land by wiping out their ‘outsider’ neighbours. Stupidity well-defined!

When Kofi Annan came to Kenya and pressure was piled by the likes of Condoleeza Rice, Mwai Kibaki and his hangers-on agreed to meet up with Raila Odinga and his troops. They agreed, begrudgingly, to share the spoils of power by divvying up Cabinet, parastatal, ambassadorial and other plum jobs.

We foolishly cheered them on, and believed that they would willingly confess and let their hooligan supporters be arrested and arraigned in court for the post-poll chaos. We even expected these leaders to append their signatures to international arrest warrants by inviting Luis Moreno-Ocampo to investigate the killings.

Do you now agree with me that we are genetically brainless, or not yet? If not, I’m not done; read on.

Kenyans ululated to the news that Kofi Annan had “lost his patience” and decided to hand over the so-called dreaded envelope to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court. In our inbred thickness, we believed that Mr Annan had finally unleashed the joker card on our leaders. Now, tell me, when did you last hear the grey-haired Ghanaian speak? Or did he do a ‘Pontius Pilate’ on us by washing his hands off the Kenyan case?

I have argued before that Kofi Annan is the greatest betrayer of the Kenyan people. Look, this Annan guy did not even broker the power sharing deal (no, that deal was forced on Kibaki and Raila by Jakaya Kikwete after Annan spent a fruitless weekend at Kilaguni Lodge).

The most that Kofi Annan has done since the Peace Accord was signed is to invite some Ministers, civil society activists and journalists to Geneva for a talk shop. I stand to be corrected but Mr Annan, unlike the Americans with their now-laughable threats, has not made any direct effort to push for the acceleration of reforms as stipulated in the National Accord.

The African Union is paying hefty fees to maintain a consulting firm that is checking the progress of the reforms. All their reports, this far, keep grumbling about the slow pace of reforms. I am yet to see any direct push for faster progress from Chairman Annan.

And we believe that this man or any western “friend” will help us get to Canaan? Aren’t we all terminally stupid!

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  1. I agree Laura, Kenyans should start acting. It begins with you(and me). Lets act by stopping to give bribes, to speak out against ills.

  2. Laura…nice feature on your website. Anyway my point is simple. Kenyans are looking at Ruto now as a Hero. Like Artur is a BAD GUY but who wouldn’t want his autograph? Kenyan voters are everything their politicians are.

  3. The Kenya we want is one without corruption but i don’t see and end it. We have tried to be united against it, remember 2002 when Kibaki become President,but it fought back hard and won. Guys as young as 20 are now seriously discussing ways to get to parliament and government so as to get involved in highly corruption ie Trition after all once we defraud billions all we need to do is by some MPs and get an expensive lawyer.It’s a small sacrifice for the billions.

  4. How i wish more and more Kenyans got themselves engaged in the affairs of our great nation. Rally one another against relentless impunity by our leaders.
    Our leaders have lost the sense of being responsible to their employers thus continue to act recklessly in parliament (censure motion), they taint the image of our nations integrity. I dread reading news from Kenya everyday because they scream “something is not right again” and the worst is yet to come. Kenyans lets get involved in pragmatic political decisions of our nation right from our dinner tables. Lets resolve to build a better Nation on the principles of democracy. It can be done. WE CAN DO IT! I believe.

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