Kenyan youth have no better option

I am not talking about Safaricom, I am talking about threesomes, which nowadays no longer happen just in blue movies. They have or should I say it has joined the ranks of cool things to do. Everybody is either having one, asking for one, or moving to woo even larger numbers.

Nowadays, alcohol is not enough of an adventure for the young up and coming Kenyan. Every corner is an avenue for the next thrill, and the more illicit the more awe it inspires among their peers.

A whole new crop of 20 year olds are emerging and spreading their message of ‘fun’ to those younger than them, as well those who are easily impressionable. Before we know it that is indeed going to be the New Kenya, because they are – after all – our youth. Our young Turks!

Any alarm bells ringing? I am not judging anyone, but I have just realised that a ‘firm’ opinion directed towards these young-er people can arouse a different option in their train of thought. And I think it is our responsibility as adults to give these young people new ideas that are less destructive and have little ability to complicate their lives.

Don’t get me wrong. I am saying that we should try and steer our young people in the right direction. So that whatever choices they make are informed choices. Let them know they have the option of NOT having the threesome, of NOT dropping out of school, of NOT sampling drugs, of NOT buying guns to show off to their peers in the night clubs, and of NOT losing their virginity just to prove a point.

Let us encourage them to be individuals and use their creativity for theirs and the greater good. Let us give them the option. Many parents don’t understand their young-adult children, and for this reason don’t know how to steer them in the right path. All they need to do is give them the option.

A friend of mine told me that his four year old son is very wise, and his daughters who are just over ten years of age, are even wiser. He shook his head and stated that with the amount of exposure going on in this world, he might have to ask his son to move out of home and begin fending for himself when he turns seven!

It’s a joke and a funny one too, but not a very distant exaggeration of the changing times.

A young friend of mine reckons that his peers need to understand that they don’t always have to go the way the wind blows. He is of the opinion that as an individual, the youth have to be encouraged to set ground rules that would set them apart from the rest, and still make them comfortable in their own skin.

You cannot please everyone. He feels they should be told that being happy is the key, and not just for the moment. They should live beyond the material things. I agree. They need someone to give them this option.

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