Kenya We Should have.

Something must be wrong with Kenyans! How then do you explain why we clap and cheer on a foul-mouthed politician spew vitriol directed to his/her supposedly “political enemies”? Isn’t it shameful too as we also cheer another of our politicians go on and shout in front of the cameras that the national flag – a symbol we all behold for national unity – is just a piece of clothe whose main benefit is to evade traffic jams and all other balderdash! I am sure that Dedan Kimathi (May his soul R.I.P) rolled in pain in his grave when he heard that.
Year in year out we keep on complaining how bad our politicians are, forgetting the fact that we are the ones with the responsibility of putting them in office. I know this fact however may not go along well with most of us, since the last one was a contested election and evidenced more by the number of sitting M.Ps who lost election petitions in courts. But, I beg to put my argument across in this sense, why do we give the sleaze politician a chance to address us? Why do we allow him/her to give us a diatribe on how this community is, this politician is and all that. Preaching hate to us and clapping and cheering them on, then we blame it on the politician?
As the electorate we need to change mentality, how then do we explain how we get cheated by politicians who just the other day were sworn enemies, couldn’t see eye to eye, but now are the best of buddies? Are we that naive? Do we suffer from the worst form of amnesia as one of them suggested? How do we get cheated by the masters of impunity? How do we behold the people hell-bent to derail the implementation of the new constitution? One that we thought could take us to the heights we desire! Are we being fair to our founding fathers? The likes of Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, Raila Odinga, Tom Mboya et. al, when we allow ourselves to be shallow minded and think of ourselves as a tribe and not a country?
We need a revolution, I am not advocating for a Libya, Egypt and Tunisia type of revolution, we need our own type of a Jasmine revolution. One in which we need to evaluate the kind of leaders we elect. There is need to realize that leaders are a reflection of the people who elect them. Therefore with a revolution of our mindset we could have a paradigm shift from the norm and get new leaders capable of steering our nation to prosperity. We are not short of talent in Kenya, hence more and more youth needs to take up elective politics to design the Kenya that we all yearn for. The youth here isn’t defined by age rather by progressive thinking. That is the only way we can achieve what our founding fathers started. So let us come together and shape the new Kenya with progressive thinking. If we disagree let it be based on principles and ideologies and not by ethnic basis!
I wish Kenya well as we move into the future. This is to you Kenya my beloved!

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