Kenya needs healing, despite petition outcome


I happen to occupy a very interesting position in the on-going political discourse in Kenya today.

As a Kikuyu, I am a member of a community associated with Jubilee’s performance in the last election. I have many friends and family members who support Jubilee and who I maintain social relationships with. I therefore know what the ‘Jubilantes’ are saying about CORD, its presidential candidate and the on-going process at the Supreme Court. It is not nice.

I am also a political advisor to the CORD coalition’s presidential candidate; a position that allows me to interact socially and professionally with key supporters of CORD. I therefore know the kind of conversation ‘CORDeshians’ are having about this last election, Jubilee’s ‘victory’ and Jubilee’s leadership. It is not very nice.

So this last weekend a friend forwards me an email titled ‘Call to Pray For Kenya’ from a certain Apostle Paul Amadi. Apostle Amadi believes God has given him a message to the nation of Kenya. God has shown him the flag and the emblems of the nation, as well as the words of the first verse of the national anthem (O God of all creation, bless this our land and nation, justice be our shield and defender, may we dwell in unity, peace and liberty, plenty be found within our borders).

He has also seen the words Peace, Love and Unity written upon a long slab of rock that had been painted with the colours of the flag of Kenya. The painting however was greatly disjointed; neither the words nor the colours were together. It showed a broken state.

According to Apostle Paul, God is asking “Why are you following men that shall die? You have forgotten Me, the fountain of living waters, and now seek to men. Can they save you? Can they deliver you? Yet you seek to them. All these are the works of My hands. In the day I call for them all their thoughts perish. Seek to Me. I the Lord I am the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last. Let your trust be in Me, for I speak and it comes to pass. No man can stop My purposes’.

Apostle Paul then explains how God has revealed to him what is happening around the nation, in people’s homes. Even Christian men and women are speaking and spewing hatred against those who belong to communities of differing political affiliations. God tells Apostle Paul; “See what My people are doing. Have I not called you to love one another and to pray for the peace of your nation? Have I not called you to bless and not to curse? … You are destroying, destroying, destroying everything! Where is love in My people? Where are My intercessors? Where are My watchmen? For your enemy is risen and is even now ready to devour this nation. Yes, you prayed and repented before Me and asked Me to heal your nation, but how can I heal when you are so deeply divided? … You speak and devour one another, you consume each other with the words of your mouth and at last you yourself will be no more.”

The email ends with a call to repentance, one Kenyan to another; prayer for Kenya and a challenge to religious leaders to refrain from taking sides in this contest because ‘I the LORD do not take sides for I am the King of the earth. I respect no persons, but those who fear Me and obey My commandments shall find favour in My sight. Therefore, be zealous and repent. Pray unto Me, love one another, be united and I will restore you once again.”

Apostle Amadi then makes this call to action; ‘Those who can pray, let them pray, and those who cannot pray, let them also pray … Spend time with the Father and plead for the sake of this nation. Gather together in your homes and churches and intercede. Cry mightily to the Father, and He who is able shall change the tide and heal our nation’

I agree with a lot of what Apostle Amada says. Kenya is disjointed. Kenya is hurting. Kenya needs healing.

This week the Supreme Court will make a decision with far reaching ramifications to the political leadership of our country. Everyone is praying that the ruling made by the six judges will unite Kenya, as well as move us forward.

However I am convinced that whatever the ruling Kenya will not heal; not without divine intervention. The kind of intervention I seek is the one that enables leaders of each formation to sincerely and genuinely reach across to ‘the others’. The humility required to do this, especially when one of them wins the case, can only come from God. This is one of the many things Kenyans must pray for this week. If we do this God will hear, and heal our land. Amen

(Wambugu is the Director of Political Affairs in the Raila Odinga Campaign Secretariat)

11 Replies to “Kenya needs healing, despite petition outcome”

  1. If only we address ourselves as Kenyans not Kuks or other we can go Mr Wambugu i read some of your blogs they contributed to the hurting,hence this route you take is good with a but?

  2. Wambugu, Wambugu, why do you inject the tribe kikuyu everytime you write a piece. Very shallow minded indeed. Kenya needs healing from your writing, the Wanjikus have moved on with their life and you keep reminding folks stuff that is under the bridge. Grow up (your thinking) and let go.

    1. I totally agree with you kenya shipping. This guy is a tribalist. He should address 6.1 million kenyans who voted for Uhuru not 6.1 kikuyus and kales. democracy has got another meaning thanks to them.

  3. ngunjiri wambugu i suggest you should be in kibunja list of being investgated. i have read most of your blogs and they contain the most hurting tribal sentiments against the kikuyus if not against Uhuru. to me you are such a pathetic writer. If you and your so called cordless are hurting, other kenyans have moved on and we do not know what you are talking about.

    1. are you sure? what is wrong with someone praying for divine healing for the entire nation? “other kenyans have moved on” how? yet both the jubilants and cordians are waiting for the court’s ruling? your comment is not bad. it is only that it could be more effective if posted after the court’s ruling!

  4. Kenyans spoke on 4th of March. Anybody who is hearting is making the wrong choice. Those calling for humility never showed it during campaigns & God has therefore humbled them

  5. I agree with the writer that Kenya needs healing. However I think we need to do more than just expect our leaders to provide this healing. A majority of Kenyans profess to be christians. How as christians we can harbour so much hate towards our brothers and sisters from other ethnic groups is inconceivable. It simply means that we are hypocrites and not the christians we pretend to be. For this nation to heal we have to start by examining our individual selves and determine whether God’s peace is with us or the devil has taken total control of our lives.

  6. Mr. Wambugu, I agree with you totally that Kenya needs divine intervention. The God I believe in never forces His will on anyone and as such, He will only heal Kenya if Kenyans are willing to be healed.
    On the matters of Jubilee vs CORD, your boss is pursuing his constitutional right in court. The political angle he has taken, possibly based on your advice is however worrying. Since the campaigns, he intentionally rode on the ethnic stereotype associated with Kikuyus to cast the Jubilee Presidential candidate (now President-elect) as a land grabber/thief. He continues with that script to paint him as an electoral thief (“wameiba kura”). By extension, many of his supporters now strongly believe that the President elect and the entire community he comes from are a bunch of thieves. I am sure you did not opt to be born Kikuyu and as such it is unfair for anyone to brandish you a thief based on a reality you did not choose.
    So do you still believe that divine intervention will come when the day-to-day actions of the top leadership of your coalition are bent on ensuring that some of the existing ethnic divisions only get deeper?
    The former PM is an astute politician and I am not sure if he follows political advice much, but if he does, please advise him to desist from using stereotypes and untruths to reach his personal ambition while at the same time polarising Kenyans further.

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