Kenya needs a selfless leader


Those aspiring to lead a nation of 40 million \’must\’ be people with a clean track record.

We\’re tired of the politics of dynasty. We\’re tired of the politics of big man syndrome. We are tired of \’big\’ names in Kenya\’s political realm. This time round, we need a \’David\’ to save our nation from the morass of PROPAGANDA SYCOPHANCY, TRIBALISM, GREED, GRAFT and INEQUALITY.

We want a leader who will narrow the gap between the haves and the have nots. There is no reason why one family owns almost 35 percent of the nation\’s wealth – of course acquired illegally when many of our people are living in squalor. In fact, as I write this piece, people in Turkana, Ukambani and Maasai land are eating herbs like antelopes. Others are living in the cold as IDP camps.

Others cannot even afford a graveyard or a garden to plant sukuma wiki. Is this the country we want to bequeath to our children and the children of our children?

It sad indeed and this time round, we cannot sit and wait. We are going to rise up in tens, hundreds, thousands and millions to say enough is enough to greed, impunity, sycophancy and tribalism.

The constitution that majority Kenyans passed last year must be respected to the letter.

We need to stand up and be counted to defend the stand that the Speaker of the National Assembly took if we truly want to make the constitution meaningful and beneficial to the people of Kenya.

Kenya\’s Statehouse belongs to any man or woman with values to fight for the Kenyan people and not himself, family or community.

I end my opinion here with this verse in the Holy Bible, Titus 1:7-8: “For an overseer, as God\’s steward, must be above reproach. He must not be arrogant or quick-tempered or a drunkard or violent or greedy for gain, but hospitable, a lover of good, self-controlled, upright, holy, and disciplined.”

This the cardinal tenet to better leadership in any society.

Mr Nyaringo lives in New Jersey, USA

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  1. Indeed we need selfless practical leaders. In 2007, Kenyans were drowned by an avalanche of lies and empty bravadoes. We must this round embrace issues and issues alone. We should examine serious candidates we currently have, some of them merely driven by big tribe mentality. They are VP Kalonzo, PM Raila, both DPMS Uhuru and Mudavadi and then MP Ruto. Madam Karua, despite the noise, has failed to make any impact.

    Brother Ruto was the best agriculture minister the country has ever had. His short stint at Higher education ministry showed serious signs of another super performance. He can thus peg his candidacy on that.

    Brother Deputy Prime Minister Mudavadi, apart from his deceptice polite demeanor, has very little to show in terms of achievements. He is powered by big tribe mentality like my village brother DPM Uhuru. He messed up local authorities by appointing only his cronies, if not Odm members, as town clerks. He replaced a super performing city clerk with a spinless home boy. Who eventually embarrassed city hall by displaying fake ISO certificate!

    Brother Uhuru, tribalism aside, was a monumental failure at finance ministry. His earlier leadership of local government ministry was hardly recognizable. He is thus a tribal candidate inspite of pretentious pronouncements to the contrary. His candidature is biscally inspired by this big tribe mentality and his father’s famous name only.

    PM Raila is certainly a disaster for the country. He hardly has any temerity to pursue decent politics. He is wholly to blame for ICC’s entry in to the country. He faked election theft and went on to demean our institutions. His political career is pinned on falsehoods and character assassination. He has neither ideas nor achievements worthy mentioning at all. What he does is to usurp issues and quickly claim their ownership. His involvement in a failed tribal coup is purportedly his major achievement! And while he was in prison and detention, he supposedly brought multiparty for us! He has also forcefully attempted to claim ownership of the constitution. But unfortunately, the guy was unable distinguish between amendment of A READY constitution, before or after passage, and wild divisive matter of reformers and anti-reformers! To this day, he insists that those who “opposed” the new constitution can not be tasked to implement it. But clearly no one opposed the constitution, that had already been drawn by experts, no was it necessary anyway. The PM has been apparently confused for far too long! I dare say somebody so confused shouldnt be allowed to lead the country at whatever pretext. Its also well known fact that the guy stripped of lies and toxic malicious propaganda, cant even be elected a village councillor!!

    VP Kalonzo is an international diplomat, peace maker with superb ideas. He has brought alot of resources to the country from friends across the globe. He has come up with the 24 hour economy idea. That has transformed Mombasa Port forever and business operations in the whole region. His idea of Sh.2,000/= for our old folks is another masterstroke. His lates idea to have joint debates for all presidential candidates is certainly unchallengeable. Thats simply because it will help cut down tribalism and mischief. Thus, leaving us with issue-oriented campaigns. Its noteworthy that tribally powered candidates have given the idea a very lukewarm reception. Obviously, issues are likely to derail them. Kalonzo has avoided corruption, our major bane, like the poison that it is. I guess, thats why he has been made a punching bag by merchants of deceit! In terms of fostering national unity, Kalonzo has no equal at all.

    In conclusion, Kenyans have clear choice in the person VP Kalonzo. He is also best suited to continue with successes made by President Kibaki. However, those who have drunken approach to issues have enormously tried to mislead Kenyans about Kalonzo. His cleanliness has always attracted hatred coated in very different language, if not excuses indeed. You only need to ask the political class what are truly Kalonzo’s sins
    and you will be surprised by the emptiness in what they say. The guy is totally blameless!!

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