Kenya is still on ground zero

On its first birthday, the verdict is out! The coalition government has remained ‘insensitive and unresponsive to the needs of Kenyans’. The coalition has ‘failed to achieve the crucial mission it was established to midwife.’

One year down the line, the government is still struggling to walk, and the Chief Mediator Kofi Annan, religious leaders and the common man on the street are all in agreement: “Kenya is still on ground zero”.

From the over 10 million hungry Kenyans, the maize and oil scandals, cabinet wrangles and the soaring prices of basic commodities, it is evident things are getting worse by the day.

A government that cannot unite to feed its people and eliminate corruption is a crippled one. The resettlement program is still not at par and the hostilities between communities have been swept under the carpet. We still don’t have an electoral team, a clear path for the constitution and the much needed land reforms… We are still where we were last year. After stopping the violence and forming a bloated ‘unity government’ everything else seems to have stopped.

Swallow it guys, do your work and allow the spectators to rate you. For a year’s worth, one you guys are doing poorly. Wake up from your slumber!

Nursery school pupils are an interesting lot. They have this preconceived notion that they are all knowing. Any cross on their books is never welcomed. Actually most of them want to mark quizzes that are meant to test them.

Our politicians seem to have perfected this art. They want to perform on the stage and at the same time act as the adjudicators. They want to mark their own script and make Kenyans believe they have done so much ‘for us’ while the contrary is evident.

It was shameless to see politicians criticizing religious leaders for an open rebuke. What the men of the cloth were saying is what all of us would want to tell the two principals and their forty friends; “Soak it in, you have failed to seize the moment and save this country from its woes. You need to style up.”

President Mwai Kibaki’s change of tone over the issue after was welcome, when he said his government was receptive to criticism. This is however not enough, we want to see action.

Blog by Anthony Kagiri.

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