Kenya is bigger than ODM or PNU


It is with disgust that I have noted that the cry baby brigade from ODM is back in full effect. Let us call a spade a spade and admit to ourselves that coalition governments are a very tricky arrangement more so in Africa when we consider the tribal factors.

Granted, the President may have acted rather fast in making nominations to the posts of the Chief Justice, Attorney General, Director of Public Prosecutions and the Controller of Budget.

However the law states that the president shall make the nominations in consultation with the Prime Minister. The law does not however define what this consultation constitutes. Also the law is also silent on what happens if the two principals fail to reach a consensus and the only thing that is clear is that the appointing authority is the President.

We have seen ODM being short changed over and over again starting with the period just after the election when the President named half the Cabinet. By the time the national accord was signed, the PNU side kept all the posts they had in the 1st half of the Cabinet and ODM had to make do with mostly low key ministries.

The minute that ODM accepted this they were implicitly accepting to be partners in the government in name only and in actuality they were the junior partners gauging by the portfolios they got as compared to PNU. From that moment on it should have been clear to ODM who is calling the shots and who holds executive power.

I feel that it is too late in the day for ODM to start again demanding to be treated as equals. There are so many laws that have to be implemented so as to facilitate the new Constitution becoming fully entrenched. So many bodies have to be constituted and even more urgent reforms have to be done in many bodies in the public sector. There is simply no time for politicking at the moment.

Millions of our brothers and sisters in Kenya are facing starvation and the loss of their livestock which for many is their only source of livelihood. I watched the Prime Minister on TV while he was in Garissa and I didn\’t hear him give specifics of what they are doing to avert the looming catastrophe in North Eastern Province. Surely the priority of any government is its people and if they are not able to help the people then it\’s clearly not serving its purpose.

There is also the argument that ODM always uses that they only got half a loaf of bread so we cannot put them to task. Well why don\’t they just quit the government and form the opposition because at the moment we have no formal opposition in Kenya?

The half loaf that ODM got is starting to look like just the hard, burnt crust that is dark and does not taste good. ODM can quit or as I think they will do, they can keep earning fat salaries at the tax payer\’s expense and then quit the government at the eleventh hour when the elections are almost due. This time however Kenyans will not fall for their usual tricks. If they are really dissatisfied they should do as Martha Karua did and quit.

Honestly we cannot continue to have a situation whereby the Vice President is sent on a mission by the President and then the Prime Minister comes out denying knowledge of the mission.

Also I think Mr Odinga is lowering his stature by engaging in these back and forth debates with politicians who are not on the same level with him politically. There is a saying that "one should not wrestle with a pig" this is because it will drag you into the mud and even if you win you will also emerge dirty.

If Mr Odinga wants to be a statesman in my opinion he should not be arguing with the Rutos of this world and calling them names because he is only opening the door for them to do the same to him.

I feel that all our energies at the moment should be expended on dealing with the drought and famine situation that is ravaging large parts of the country.

Also who said that ODM has all the answers for the problems in Kenya? The next government will be chosen at the next election. The opinion polls currently give the PM a huge lead but let me remind ODM that at one time none other than Kalonzo Musyoka had a 47 percent approval rating but by the time the elections came around he only got about 10 percent of the vote.

ODM should stop behaving as if they have won the election and they are a government in waiting. The election is about two years away and even then they will still have to win the election whenever it will be called and many things can happen between now and then. My sincere hope is that our politicians stop politicking and get back to the urgent tasks that await them all. Let us help the drought stricken in Kenya please.

Kenya is bigger than ODM or PNU.

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