Kenya in pursuit of happiness

I can’t wait for Friday, the holiday – day of Promulgation. As a Kenyan or at least 60 percent of the human race, I love holidays. However, this one is different…

This one, for me, is a landmark in the history of our fantastic nation. I feel that it signifies a moment of rest right before the start of a long stretch of work, and very hard work at that.

If you toil within the government corridors, it means the laying down and effecting of laws that make the new constitution a reality. It means righting the wrongs, and laying strenuous processes bare, so that Kenya’s wheels turn solidly in the right direction.

If you’re not in the government, it means making sound decisions. (I make reference to the electing of leaders who govern us). Let the definition of leaders change from those who prove their allegiance by spit and slur, to those who can proudly show their development record and maybe even have callouses on their hands. I am being dramatic but the message is clear.

It’s about time for Kenya to work. When President Emilio got serious about the infrastructure, it did not end the potholes. But the inconveniences of strange bumps, horrendous diversions and nightmarish traffic are brushed aside by the promise of progress.

The massive concrete masterpieces that can be spotted along Thika road and parts of Nairobi fill me with joy. Even better is that the work is being done day and night. That is the kind of work that is required of us. Every Kenyan, young, old, fair, dark, tall, thin – must be a part of this.

Let us try to make sure that the sweat and toil of the Kenyan people – in the form of taxes – does not go into buying a pseudo-expensive rug in someone’s house, or a holiday in Hawaii with a ‘ndogo ndogo’.

Just think how nice that would be. I am almost proud to be Kenyan now. Not in terms of roots/people, but in terms of things working the way they should, justice, and immense growth. The making of a proper Kenyan nation…

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