Kenya condoles with France after terror attack


Today, as in the years past, the people and the government of Kenya stand with France at a moment in which our common humanity has been attacked in Paris by terrorists, and innocent civilians murdered in cold blood. We send the families, friends and compatriots of those murdered our heartfelt condolences.

As a nation that has suffered similar outrage, we understand that the attacks in Paris must be met with the strongest action by our security forces. Kenya stands ready to offer every assistance possible in this regard, and indeed we will continue to relentlessly prosecute our war against terrorist groups and their support networks.

Beyond the critical security interventions being made presently by the brave soldiers of France, I urge all Kenyans and indeed the entire global community to stand up and loudly rededicate ourselves to the common values all civilised people hold.

The French made famous the call for ‘Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité’, which reflects the common values that Kenyans share with them, and that are under attack by terrorists in Paris and across the world. These enemies of humanity reject the value that one’s liberty should never be a right to harm others.

They reject democratic constitutions and the equality of all, regardless of their faith, in the rule of law, opting instead for a perversion of faith and attempt to justify the murder of innocents. They repudiate the embrace of diverse beliefs and cultures in a common humanity, preferring narrow, intolerant and hateful identities.

Despite yesterday’s attacks in Paris, we reaffirm the democratic values that the French people have so bravely inspired the world to embrace. We stand with them, in sorrow for their losses, but also with resolve to join them in fighting terrorist organisations and networks until democracy and liberty can be free from their evil threat.

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  1. I read this article and I  I’m going to read it again. This article has wealth of infor and I wish people just paused, stopped for just 10 Min to read this and consider!

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