Kenya can be sufficiently philanthropic!


Kenya, the land of wide, open and friendly spaces is also a generous country. At a time when we’re busy begging for food, medical supplies and electricity from other countries, I thought it would only be equitable if we shared some of our resources as well. This country is not without gems to offer the rest of the world.

We’ll start with the obvious – Mr Luis Moreno-Ocampo. He’s not technically ours to give out but for the moment, all his focus and passion is here. I propose we donate him to Afganistan. They have proven in this last month that they listen to outsiders when it comes to their internal matters. As long as you are a foreigner, they will take advise from anyone’s opinion. Mr Ocampo’s services would be far more suited in an environment like that. Kenya has never listened to outside influences no mater how well intentioned. Remember the last time someone tried to make retired President Moi cut down the number of ministries? Well, Mr Ocampo should really make an effort to learn from history.

Sudan is formulating new laws and trying to establish a foreign concept; rule of law. Mr Amos Wako is a brilliant lawyer with over two decades of experience running a country’s State Law Office.  Surely wouldn’t he be more suited for Sudan than he is for Kenya? I don’t think the country will crumble if Mr Wako wasn’t working for the government; please give him a plum job in the Sudan. In fact, we’ll even pay for his services there, seeing as he’ll be our neighbourly gift to Sudan.

Since the death of Mobutu Seseseko, the DRC has lacked a certain joie de vivere. While people may blame the civil conflict and schizoid economy, they fail to notice a glaring fact. Mobutu was a flamboyant individual and his absence is tangible. I’m sure if we gave Mr Chirau Ali Makwere the right costume, he can go and give Zaire some of it’s flair back. In a country full of worried people, he can play court jester there and he’s already well versed on all things lingala so it’ll be easy.

Another pair of brilliant legal minds going to waste exists; Mutula Kilonzo and James Orengo. Once fearsome lawyers in court, they are both doing absolutely nothing right now. No land reforms are really taking place and the Constitution talk has been going on for too long. I heard a rumor that Botswana is working on improving university education. On a purely academic level, they can’t do better than this dynamic duo. It’ll be a wonderful gift to hand them two of our most experienced lawyers to help out the faculty of law.

Let us not, in the middle of our begging, forget that we too have considerable resources that we must share with the rest of the world.

After all, they do say, sharing is caring.


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