Its just how men are

We\’ve heard this excuse so often, the only thing I can call it is ridiculous.

Maybe he\’s taken a shower but will not be bothered to apply lotion and so his skin will looked caked all day and his woman should accept it, because isn\’t that just how men are?

It gets better, his wife is looking big and unattractive – she had better shape up he thinks – because there\’s a gorgeous little girl who loves his car and thinks his belly is so cute, but that\’s just how men are, yeah?

Odds usually are that the men in the house will coerce the maid or househelp if you like to sleep with them, just in case they were lonely and feeling inclined, and we need to understand that that\’s just how men are, you know.

If at all it should be that a woman giving a man a hard time, the one thing that men would do above others is maybe show her who is boss?

So he beats her up but you are meant to understand – that\’s just how men are. If its not world war IV, its a football team, he will go after, ie; many kids! Should women do the same when their men get \’unruly\’ I wonder?

I think that men are giving themselves excuses to be sloppy and irresponsible and that should not be allowed to fly.

Because the stronger sex is just like that, it\’s half expected that they will deny the child is theirs. Since that\’s just how men are, everyone should understand that rather than resisting the girl that threw herself at him, he understandably messed up. He disrespected his mother because she doesn\’t know what it\’s like to be a guy, but hey.

By accepting all these things, are men not short-changing themselves? Should they really be asking why they are losing the respect of the women they love? The daughters they cherish?

Not all men are like that, but those who are know themselves (mnajijua). Men are known to have worse pressure from their peers than women do. Where are the few good men to change the tide? Or should the status quo remain..?

Men can be so much more than they are right now. They are strong, focused, and not as evil as they are playful and quite irresponsible.

Maybe some knee length socks are in order. Don\’t you think?

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