Is Uhuru pushing the envelope?

Reports on the interview that Uhuru Kenyatta had on Kameme FM on the morning of 8th February seem to suggest that something is amiss with this once honorable gentleman.

I am appalled by his calls to his fellow Kikuyus (myself included) to supposedly join forces so as to have a stronger bargaining position come 2012 presidential elections. He probably thought that since the forum he used, a Kikuyu radio station, the listeners would in all likelihood be Kikuyu who would nod sagely at his wisdom and then run around to spread the word to their kith and kin!!If this is supposedly a serious presidential candidate for 2012, then we are in deep trouble.

His chalice overflows with problems and he seems to be intent on drowning himself deeper and deeper in the drink that he so loves. He has continually pushed the envelope to see how far he dare go and has now taken on the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC)and the ICC in one fell swoop. He has thumbed the nose of the NCIC who ironically on Tuesday issued warnings against mobilizing tribal sentiments for political gain as well as the ICC saying that he would not abide with the rules set by Ocampo when he named (and ashamed) the Ocampo 6 in December in regards to meeting with one another. If these two bodies do not want to be branded as toothless dogs, they had better throw the book at him once and for all.

For Gods sake, what will it take to haul him to court, issue warrants of arrest or just issue orders restraining him from letting loose with this drivel that he obviously loves? What are his handlers and point men doing? For crying out loud he as much as admitted that he was in the thick of the action that the ICC has called him to account for and which he has all along been denying.The chap seems to be imploding and no one seems to be giving him much needed guidance on what to say or not say. This is surely not how people who profess to want to be presidents one day should be behaving.

His vitriol in Kikuyu against ‘kimudu kiu’ also is beyond belief given the fact that it was less than 3 years ago when similar vitriolic comments caused untold suffering and misery to thousands of Kenyans.

Such impunity should not be allowed to continue since it goes against human sensibilities, reeks of insufferable arrogance and leads to feelings that one person is beyond the reach of the machinery that is supposed to check our collective tolerance towards one another.

If impunity is Freedom from Punishment then NCIC and ICC will have failed the test of impartiality and given impunity and careless talk a fresh injection of bravado.

He will have pushed the envelope of impunity where no one can ever retrieve it and for this he should not go unpunished.

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