Is the Performance Contracting System credible?

As with any appraisal system, people are usually greatly concerned with the outcome and hope that it will be a true reflection of their work on the ground.  This is because the results are an indication of how others judge their performance. 

However, the challenge with most appraisal systems is how to make them well-rounded, fair and just to the extent that they reflect the views of all stakeholders. 

In Kenya’s case, Performance Contracts have proved to be a thorn in the flesh for the Government.  For how can public perception differ so greatly with Government perception to the effect that the highest ranking Ministries are those which Kenyans are grossly unhappy with, yet these Ministries are supposed to be serving the Citizenry? 

Clearly, there is a breakdown in communication between our Government and its people.  Are they so out of touch with the Wanjiku’s of today’s Kenya?  Is this yet another example of how far removed the thoughts and will of our Leaders are from those the people they presume to serve?

What is even worse are the allegations of bribery by the Honourable Minister for Tourism.  His comments are far-reaching and fundamental because they question the credibility of the Performance Contracts system.  Ironically, he emulates the very essence of what we question about Performance Contracting.  For how can we reconcile his recognition by his African counterparts and yet claim that his Ministry is the worst performing in Kenya?

My assumption has been that this process is self-regulating and should run its course whether there is interference or not.  Yet, if the Honourable Minister’s allegations are true, then we have in actual fact voted in wolves intent on fulfilling their own selfish interests and lacking the smallest semblance of ethics, only too willing to create a false illusion of service to Kenyans. 

For the purpose of justice, let us give the Government the benefit of doubt and assume that the majority of Kenyans do not understand Performance Contracting.  In which case, it is imperative that the highest office in charge of coordinating these matters come out clearly, define the criterion that is used and actually consult all stakeholders in this process. 

In the end, I am left wondering whether this lack of credibility is the same one that plagues our education system making both a mirage of the truth. 

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  1. You are right there is nothing greater than the satisfaction of giving. The more I give the more I get back when I see the people I have helped thrive.

  2. Dear Dr. Kirubi, Very well said. Thanks for the insight and time. It is in giving that we receive!!

    Alice Hastings-James
    Executive Director
    KSF International

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