Instant coffee, instant Kenyan

I am instant Kenyan. I have come to realise that thanks to a church sermon over the weekend. And I know for certain that I\’m not the only one.

By instant I mean that I want things to happen as quickly as possible. I like instant coffee because all I need to do is boil the water, add some sugar and voila! I like cup a soup because of the same thing.

Just in case you were there with me during the Sunday service, let me deviate a little.

There is nothing fundamentally wrong I believe with wanting things to go quickly, but if it\’s at the expense of more important virtues, you might want to try and slow down a little sometimes.

Let\’s put it into the perspective of family, work, and life\’s challenges a la Kenya, such as getting a passport, an identity card or a P3 form; it can be a bit tricky.

The instant people that we are, we need not wait the normal number of days to get a passport when we can pay something extra and get it in a few hours.

Would it so happen that we might shout at a child when they don\’t get and apply instructions at once?

Why wait to get married when you can have sex and raise a family without the hassle of dowry and blessings from your parents?

Why don\’t we learn to wait instead of jumping that red light. Or wait for a few days to get that log book. Let\’s work towards that promotion instead of \’killing\’ the person with that managerial seat or wait for the cement to dry before building another floor on a shaky foundation.

The list of things we do that could be done better if we slow down is as long as the River Nile.

I\’m not judging anyone here and nor am I without fault, I\’m just sharing an observation that made me think twice about needless things like road rage and impatience, when in essence, a little wait would probably have been good for me.

Think about it. Have a happy Monday.

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