In this round of battle,Zain will seal the War

I appreciate that any business entity exists for profit.I don’t begrudge the larger operator,Safaricom,their 20B annual profit.I am,however,convinced that,local shareholding not withstanding,Safaricom is a network for the rich and carefree.With a calling rate of Ksh 12 across network,I don’t understand why I should be punished for calling my friends and relatives subscribing to the other networkks. So when Zain pulled a coup last week,by slashing their rates to basement levels,I was not surprised to stand at GPO,on a queue that snaked all the way to their Koinange street cusomer service centre.I managed to strike petty converstaions with some of my queue-mates and the bitterness with which many Kenyans still hang-on to Safaricom was palpable.So,when today,someone offered me a promotional pamplet during the morning traffic jam,I DECLINED.I later learnt that the information there contained was to do with Safaricom reacting to competition.I am further informed that,unless you are rich enough(on 24th of a month?You must be kidding)to afford Ksh 1000 airtime,you don’t qualify for the full promotional benefits(discrimination or profits?).I am further informed that those not rich enough to purchase the 1K airtime need not worry for the feeling of unfair treatment lasts only 1 month before the rates revert to ksh 12/min. And as usual,terms and conditions apply(don’t I loathe this combination of otherwise harmless words). Once all is said and done and judging from the feelings on the queue,it is a no brainer that Zain is striking the right chord with the hoi polloi….

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