In defence of Justice Ringera


With the greatest respect, I wish to strongly differ with the majority of my fellow Kenyans and more particularly our parliamentarians who have deliberately for reasons well known to them misled the nation to wrongfully hold the opinion that Justice Ringera has failed in his duties as the Director of the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission.

Those who are aware of the goings-on at the KACC can attest that Justice Aaron Gitonga Ringera has done the best that any reasonable man would have practicably done to discharge the mandate bestowed on the Commission by the Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Act.

It is a well known fact amongst the right thinking members of this society that our MPs were not genuine when they purported to usurp the role of the Executive to interpret the law and maliciously and unjustifiable demand Justice Ringera’s resignation.

It was succinctly evident during the debate that most of them are thugs and economic criminals who just but found a much-needed opportunity to frustrate and/or punish the judge for investigating them over the various corruption and economic crimes. It is a well known fact that corruption fights back and it does so viciously, and the good judge is undoubtedly a victim thereof.

A substantial number of these MPs are guns for hire… always hired by whoever wants to use them to vote in a particular way and make particular desired decisions to serve given personal interests. Some of them would have desired to have the commission disbanded with the hope that the criminals in the House would be let off the hook in the scuffle.

No single person has at any time pointed out any one wrong thing that justice Ringera has done. What we are witnessing are generalised and vague accusations that he has not done anything! Proponents of this highly misplaced school of thought are arguing out of gross ignorance and following the direction taken by their tribal kings.

Truly, if the learned judge has not been performing his duties for the last five years alleged, then where have these MPs been? Why have they never raised any query about his performance?

MPs should stop this hypocrisy, thuggery and frustration on the war on graft if this country is to move forward. They should be genuine in their debates. If the suspected criminals recommended by justice Ringera for prosecution would have been subjected to the same, there would be no cry of big fish being left out.

One wonders, if those Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, MPs and CEOs of parastatals investigated and recommended for prosecution are not big fish, then who are the big fish of this country?

Kenyans should also stop this habit of blindly following whatever their politicians say otherwise the country is doomed to fail. It is not in dispute that some Kenyans burnt copies of the draft Constitution without reading it because according to them "their political leader had read it on their behalf and declared it bad."

They should have read it to make independent informed decisions. Kenyans should therefore blame themselves for most of the problems facing this nation. Time has come for us to stop politicising important national issues like the war on graft.

While the President may have erred in his actions, the manner in which Parliament responded to issues leaves a lot of unanswered questions. I appeal to my countrymen to note that fighting corruption is no easy task and it is in every sense a war.

However, it appears that my fellow Kenyans will only be convinced that some work is going on at integrity centre, if suspected corruption offenders are arrested in the morning, charged by 10am, tried by lunch time, sentenced by 4pm and hanged to death by sunset. It is sad regrettable and unfortunate. Justice Ringera is not responsible for the slow pace in the war on graft.

He has done his part fully. What remains if for other actors. May God bless the good judge for the job well done and give him another opportunity to serve this nation.

(The writer posted a comment on the Ringera resignation story)

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