Impact not just results

Community developers believe that for them to bring development (this is where the community comes up with ideas, implements them and establishes ways of sustaining them) one needs to come up with a thesis of the situation at hand.

The thesis in this context is a statement that caters for the situation where anything to be done will not just bring temporary results but it will have a historical impact. One of the methods used to deduced a thesis is the BUT WHY method, a simple example of this is:

This child in Kibera has an injury on his foot- But why?
He was walking bare feet and got injured-But why?
His father cannot afford to buy him a pair of shoes- But why?
Because he does not have a job- But why?
Because there are no employment opportunities for him-But why?
He does not qualify and does not have a source of capital.

Looking at this case a relief organization may opt to buy the boy even 3 pairs of shoes which is a solution but how long would the shoes last? A community development organization on the other hand will look at the skills the father of the boy has, help him to start off a business and create jobs for other people through that business.

I believe we can use this method to evaluate our lives, at the end of it all our lives should not have temporary results that will only last so long but an impact that will last even for generations to come.

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