IEBC’s response to Supreme Court verdict


The commission recognises the creation of the Supreme Court, an institution set up by the Constitution that Kenyans promulgated.

This is the first presidential petition to be filed before this court.

The court has demonstrated high level of professionalism by listening impartially to the litigants through their counsel.

It is a historic case and the ruling is both a precedent and a landmark decision which will guide future elections in our country, Kenya.

One of the core values of the IEBC is commitment to the respect for the rule of law. The commission is bound to respect and obey the decision of the highest court in the land and we will do so.

The journey towards this election was very involving: starting from voter registration, inspection of the register, nominations and finally the election which was conducted on 4th March, 2013.

As a commission, we wish to thank the petitioner for his approach to the resolution of his grievances.

We also acknowledge the respondents for equally embracing the unifying role of judicial settlement of disputes.

There are no winners and losers in this case. Kenyans should remain united and peaceful. This case is a classic example of how far Kenya has matured democratically.

In a special way, we wish to thank all Kenyans for the large turnout. Eighty-Six percent voter turnout is a reflection of the commitment and seriousness attributed by voters to the election, an indication of their connection with matters of governance in this country.

Just like all Kenyans voted peacefully, we call upon them again to maintain peace and calm following the ruling pronounced by the Supreme Court.

It is this same profound goodwill that enabled the commission to accomplish the enormous mandate of conducting the 2013 general elections.

Finally, we wish to recognize all the IEBC members of staff who worked tirelessly to manage this election; this is the first election of its kind (six elections in a single day) to be carried out in this country and owing to its enormity, various lessons were learnt arising from the challenges that were observed by the commission.

We are conducting our internal audit and we want to ensure all Kenyans that we shall incorporate the recommendations that will arise from the said audit structural, technical and organisational.

God bless Kenya

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  1. Now you have five years to make sure your technology works and that you can produce an audit trail of the future results you declare.

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