I started #AskKirubi to mentor the youth


The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way ~ Robert Kiyosaki

It all began with a quest to mentor the young generation… You see friends, according to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, the unemployment rate in Kenya increased to 40 percent in 2011 from 12.70 percent in 2006.

Two years later, are we any better? We live in a society where the rate of unemployment grows faster than that of the economy but what are we doing to help fight this? What can you possibly do to inspire someone to become as successful as you are or even better?

Africa is in urgent need of real mentoring from experienced “fathers” and “statesmen” and it’s time we rose up to that role. Many opportunities are presenting themselves across Africa and if we don’t guide the young people then they will waste those opportunities.

As an ‘experienced’ statesman, I took it upon myself to come out and personally mentor the younger generation. I employ many of them but I felt that it was not enough. I sat down and came up with a way where they could ask questions online regarding business and entrepreneurship and get relevant information they needed.

Every Thursday for a period of three hours, I am able to interact with the young people using the hashtag #AskKirubi on Twitter.

I honestly did not know what I was getting myself into but I was determined. In the last two weeks I have gotten over 200 questions and this has just proved how much the young people are yearning for information and advice to move in the right direction.

It is my hope that the government will move in to assist in covering some of these subjects because young people don’t seem well armed on how to become independent and fend for themselves. There is definitely a gap in our education system. Theory will not only help you gain success but you need that practical element and I hope with time we will begin seeing this.

How can we take the Swiss experience on how they manage students who have completed school? How can they be polished and prepared for the next phase of life? Isn’t it time colleges and universities prepared students to face the real life if we have to grow and develop as a country? We need to take these challenges on, prepare the youth to be independent in their various fields of understanding as entrepreneurs.

There are many areas that well educated Kenyans can undertake which would see the end of unemployment. I am only trying what I can in intervening as there is a very serious gap between theory and practical.

On the other hand, we need all financial institutions to be mandated to apportion part of their financial transactions as venture capital for great initiatives by young Kenyans. We have many young passionate people looking to be employers themselves but lack the capital; and it’s only fair if we created that opportunity for them with the resources we have.

The desire by many young men and women looking to become entrepreneurs has energized me to look for these partnerships with caring banks to finance great ideas. I am still on that quest and will not tire till I find a solution. I appeal to those who have great ideas and lack the finance or will power, to communicate with me on this platform and I will see how best to assist.

For now, I will continue mentoring those I can using my Facebook and Twitter pages. It’s my desire to see the young people of this country flourish.

See you on Twitter.

Your friend, DR. DJ CK.

10 Replies to “I started #AskKirubi to mentor the youth”

  1. I enjoy watching “SHARK TANK” n I av always wondered if that can happen in reality here in Kenya where “SHARKS” in the world of business listen to entrepreneurial ideas and if viable invest together with the entrepreneurs. This is a good one!! A step in the right direction, I missed it today but I will make sure to catch u next Thursday.

  2. Hi Chris, thanks for taking a big milestone into the rising unemployment issue. I consider myself one of the young Kenyans trying to make a change and i have brand that try’s to champion the youth into starting their own businesses. my brand goes by the name smart entrepreneurs. I would like to work with you side by side and help our society gain stable economic grounds on unemployment issue. Am Eric and you can reach me on 0722250931.

  3. But when you `SNUB’ an invite by the US President, then what kind of role modelling or mentoring are imparting to the youth?!

  4. hahaha..Mentor? You cant mentor anyone..I read the PwC audit report on Uchumi when it went under. Incidentally, you sold Uchumi an obsolete software, e-pos which was obsolete and was supposed to be free in the first place for Ksh.400Million. You pocketed 398 Million, right?

  5. I was just thinking, how about you place some youths through an apprentice sort of programme where you can pick the cream of the society but who have no resources to invest in their own ventures? Just thinking. Or see below Allan’s point!

  6. With all the comments, below, I think we sometimes miss the point. Programs like shark tank and the profit are quite great but we need To look at the whole problem differently. In my own observation it is premature and will not bring the needed immediate change. Please sir, let’s have more and more talks to engage everyone first. Until we all are on the same page.
    As for the others complaining, I think the political tabloids are where you should take your comments. Let’s all have positive vibes.

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