Sang: I plan to co-operate fully with the ICC


I have been forced to make this statement by the continued flow of media reports attributing to me words, actions, intentions and predispositions of other people including the Attorney General, the government’s International Criminal Court (ICC) lawyers, the government itself and my co-suspects.

I urge the media to stop generalizing the positions, real and imagined, of government, and the other suspects especially regarding me.

My case is different from that of other suspects. I am the only one charged with counts of “contribution.” Further, of all the suspects, I am the only one who is neither a public official nor servant.

In case there have been any consultations at government level the same have never included me, and I have never received any invitation so far. I have personally not discussed what I propose to do in my defence in regard to my case with either the Attorney General, government, or co-suspects on any aspects including co-operation with ICC.

For the avoidance of doubt may I confirm that I am flexible, ready and open to consult with the government and also with the other suspects on any relevant issue. In such event I will be explicit and categorical, but before then, the media should not make generalized presumptions.

I remain disappointed and disagree with the court’s decision to confirm charges against me. I have already filed two (2) appeals. One failed (on grounds I contest) and one is pending.

However, the above situation notwithstanding, I remain committed to co-operate with the court as I have done all along. I dissociate myself from any postures, actual or fictional, to the effect that suspects, particularly me, have any intention not to co-operate with the court.

I may have conducted myself in a manner that made me invisible and easily forgotten by my social stature or by my omissions or commissions, but I remain abundantly my very self, with my own thoughts and designs for my defence.

I have not ceded myself away, I am not sorry for being myself, and I have confidence in my own motivation, dedication, commitments, mindset, reactions and convictions. Therefore, for as long as I have not made my position categorically, none should be attributed to me. The media should therefore attribute to me only what I have said explicitly or through my counsel.

Even as I define myself, I most sincerely thank all Kenyans who have committed prayers to God for myself, my co-suspects, Kenya, the judges and the prosecutor. I continue to trust in God for fairness, justice and my due vindication as innocent.

I pray to God and plead with the Government of the Republic of Kenya that everyone without discrimination who was affected by the post-election violence, including those displaced from their homes gets resettled soonest and that they enjoy God-given peace of mind and blessed prosperity.

It gives me great consolation, as a believer in God, the fountain of justice, to know as an absolute that I am innocent, and I will be vindicated soon.

I also hope that the court will finalise the case soonest possible so that I and my family can get back our normal life.

Sang, who is facing charges before the ICC, is the Head of Operations at Kass Media Group

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  1. Sounds better to victims, unlike unrepentant road side prayer cum insult howling twins.The duo exploit opportunity of their predicaments to harvest votes. What a world !!!.

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