I never meant journalist any harm – Kalonzo


I wish to clarify the following,

That this morning during a press briefing in response to Jicho Pevu and to the State of the Nation address by the President a few weeks ago, a journalist asked a question without identifying himself and/or the media house he works for.

I felt he had asked a misleading question and my answer to him was that his assumed political tilt was evident and reflective of the very polarised society that Kenya has become.

I in no way intended to neither demean the young man, nor do I or would I harbour any animosity toward him.

To the contrary, I have tirelessly worked for cohesion in this country and in my lifetime supported many leaders from various communities to include the Kalenjin, Luo, Kikuyu, Coast and this is common knowledge.

I did have tea with Mureithi and duly apologised for any hurt my remark would have caused, indeed it was with a light touch but I wish to apologize to him, the entire journalistic fraternity and anybody else who might feel the comments were offensive.

I remain committed to a united Kenya and a vibrant democracy.

(Musyoka is the Wiper Party Leader)

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  1. You are simply fire fighting, this morning we saw the real you, you answered the “young man” with a deliberate mean tone and your facial expression couldn’t hide how disgusted you were with his ethnicity! At no point would you say you were misquoted it was all caught on tape, your voice, your facial expression and colleagues laughing at your comments very much pleased with your choice of words.. Stop acting, stop apologizing the damage is already done. You just lost one of your ardent supporters. Fare thee well, Adios.

  2. what honourable Kalonzo reflects the true perception of a great chunk of the Kenyan population. Shouting about it, and just condemning this is akin to living in denial. We need to stop this tribal chauvisnism espoused by certain communities!

  3. Mr. Musyoka,
    The apology should not be directed to the journalist but to the Kikuyu community and Kenyans in general. Imagine if you were elected as the Deputy President? You are a danger to the country and infact to yourself.

  4. Ndugu Kalonzo, Your remarks thoroughly betrayed you. They naturally
    but unfortunately emanated from the bottom of your heart. As a ‘true’
    Christian you need to repent and seek for forgiveness. As a political
    leader you need to apologize to Muriithi, his relatives and members of
    the fourth estate. What crime did he commit for being called Muriithi?
    How did the name Muriithi betray him? When did one being a M’Meru become
    a crime in Kenya?

    As a father, I felt ashamed and embarrassed to
    see a pack of senior CORD members laughing at the youthful Muriithi as a
    way of endorsing Kalonzo’s remarks. What an unfortunate remark coming
    from the immediate former Vice President of the Republic of Kenya?

  5. Those supporting Kalonzo’s remarks are entitled to it. However, he was asked a specific question to provide a planned alternative to the shortcomings that Cord had pointed out as failure by the Jubilee coalition.
    I don’t remember the Cord team introducing themselves with their first and second names before the statement. this a requirement Musyoka introduced to serve his purpose. Muriithi’s question remains unanswered. Kenyans are waiting.

  6. ” Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known” we know the real you now

  7. “I felt he had asked a misleading question and my answer to him was that his assumed political tilt was evident and reflective of the very polarised society that Kenya has become.”
    An Amateur’s GOOF!!

  8. It does not come to me as a surprise that Kalonzo tries to whitewash everything by terming it as a light note. It would have been a light note if he went ahead and answered the journalist. Kalonzo is known of hiding under his claim as a ‘christian’ and yet at the same time he contradicts this faith.
    I would like to remind Kalonzo that he can run but he will never hide. His colours are well printed and we know who he is-a hypocrite!

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