I cant wait for August 4th!

I can’t wait for August 4th. I cannot wait to cast my vote and get it over and done with – if only so I can stop listening to the campaigns for the referendum, disguised as civic education.

The campaigns for either yes or no have over the last few weeks had nothing new to offer and might at this point only serve to confuse me further. There almost seems to be nothing concrete to make me either support or oppose the proposed new constitution. And frankly, to top that up, the enmity between both camps is making me a bit apprehensive.

Last week, after the easy passage in Parliament of the 100% pay rise for Members of Parliament (and God bless Uhuru Kenyatta’s cotton socks for stopping that), I knew for sure that neither of the campaigns is for me.

Everyone in either campaign has one agenda or another in working to convince me to either vote for or against the proposed new law.

In fact, I hope the church with its weekend crusades that usually turn out to be political rallies, are not using my sadaka to further their own agenda, which they think is right for me.

Its time now to let the lawyers come up and break down each clause for the common mwananchi to understand. The media campaigns encouraging Kenyans to read and understand the document before making their own choices are also sufficient.

The rest of the ‘civic education’ should be for people who cannot read, and who do not understand English. May God help us there!

Why is it that everything in this country is not what it is painted to be? As a result, we are developing, as Kenyans, such severe cases of mistrust against the powers that be; it might need an entire constitution of its own to get out of.

It is encouraging however that we are directing the mistrust at the right people – at the leaders who have let us down and not our brothers and sisters.

I would like to believe that Kenyans know by now which way to vote on August 4 and I encourage you to start looking for someone to vote for in 2012. Thank you.

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