Alongside our East Africans brothers and sisters we believe so much in miracles that they can readily do anything and even travel great distances through rough terrains in search of a magical means to get money, cure a disease to getting a visa to America.

And as some Kenyans hit the road to Loliondo in Tanzania for a cup of Rev Ambilikile Mwasapile’s medicine, it got some of us thinking how the scenario could have been had the old man been a Kenyan.


Since the last report, I bet that we must have overtaken Nigerians as fraudsters. Just give a Kenyan a chance and he or she can even sell air to you. Believe me; some of us spend hours trying to come up with a get-rich scheme than on anything else.

Therefore, when some Kenyans heard that Mwasapile asks for a token sh25 for his concoction, they thought they had not heard or read amount right.

“When God reveals something to you, he expects you to use your mind from there, Babu is poor and this was his chance to get rich but he is wasting his golden chance, his soup will be gone before he makes a million’ my local kiosk owner swears.

Plant a seed

The most intriguing thing about Mwasapile is that he is not just another herbalist but a former Lutheran church clergy who apparently still holds on to Christian believes and practices.

Therefore, it’s not hard to imagine that had he been a Kenyan, he won’t have hesitated to quote some verses to those seeking his serves to remind them why they should ‘plant a seed’.

Five star hotel

Kenyans love the good life. Give a Kenyan something others desperately seek and that is the last day his or her last day in some godforsaken village.

Therefore, had Mwasapile been a typical Kenyan you can bet that from the first day he would have ‘treated’ his first client he would have since shifted base to an urban town and likely book himself in a five star hotel and begin to administer his ‘medicine’ by the poolside.

Political seat

With so many people jamming Mwasapile’s grounds, he would have since used it as veiled platform to dab into politics and by the time fuss about his concoction dies down he would be safely in parliament.

And there won’t have been a shortage of opportunistic politicians parading themselves around him trying to share the spotlight with him.

Jealous men of God

Believe me, we have a host of jealous pastors, bishops and whathaveyounot who would have happily jumped behind the likes of the minister for health Beth Mugo in calling Mwasapile a false prophet and demand his immediate arrest.

The damned televangelists would have taken to the pulpits and since swear that God doesn’t need to use concoctions to heal people put their usual laying of hands is enough and if the old man can’t do that we would have heard nothing but ‘shindwe!, shindwe’ from them.

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