How many people died today?

Has it always been this way? Death, death, rape, death, stabbing, arson, death…?

Ok, news is depressing, but I don’t think that was the original plan. I’m sure that 13 years ago, word of a ‘leader’ calling for his followers to kill as many of their enemies as possible, or of a man who convinces his girlfriend to kill her daughter so that they could be together, was in the news because it was a scandal!

Is this the case now? Everyday, we say “how many people died in Iraq today?” “Five?” Oh, that’s better, yesterday it was 2,000 right?” When did all this happen and why?

Everyday I hear of someone’s life being taken for ‘no apparent reason’ and it makes me wonder where did we go wrong? Do all those horror movies we watch show us that it’s ok to shed blood and it’s not such a big deal for someone to die?

I like watching Sky News because they make a very big deal out of one Brit dying or going missing. You can tune in and see the same picture of a small girl for weeks on end until action is taken or a solution is found. How come we can’t do the same in Kenya? Is the media failing? Will the people who read or tune in to radio and TV stations buy these stories as news?

I wonder what Sky News would say if two British human rights activists were shot dead outside a UK university after doing something someone did not like. I wonder how they would carry the story if people with dreadlocks constantly went missing and showed up in morgues across the country. I wonder what they would say about people being locked up in a church and burnt up like wood.

I wonder when Kenyans will start to react to such news with horror and revulsion rather than complacency…

When was it ok for one Kenyan to kill his brother, sister, father and mother. The fighting that we have now in this country and most of the world is mainly centred on land. Blood has been shed because of power and land. But people have forgotten that the blood which is shed chokes and poisons the very land that drinks it. So in essence after all that fighting, the land will mean nothing.

I think Kenyans need to remember that human beings are a one of a kind creation. Do you know where the breathe in a person’s body comes from and sustain their lives? Do you know how blood works to keep your body moving and functioning? So what right do you have to take someone else’s life, unless of course you gave it to them, and this does not include giving birth unfortunately, because that in itself is a miracle…? We need to find that horror inside us and actually be afraid to take someone’s life.

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