How historic 2013 presidential victory came to pass


A successful election campaign is not a sprint; it is a marathon. Around the world; candidates and coalitions that may be far in the lead in the early stages of the race are rarely the ones who cross the finish line first. Often, these aged and weary runners are overtaken in the course of the race by younger, fitter and better prepared competitors.

Kenya experienced such a momentous marathon; between one contender who had been racing for decades, and a young, energetic newcomer; who sought to take the crown.

The old and weary athlete had many friends in powerful places. Unlike the young runner, who could only boast of millions of ordinary spectators cheering him on to victory, the old guard had wealthy foreign sponsors who invested a lot of time and money in his race. Instead of confining themselves to the role of spectators, these foreign sponsors chose to run onto the race track at every opportunity and attempted to tackle the young athlete and stop him from fairly winning the race.

When the young athlete picked himself from the ground and continued his steady run towards a better Kenya, the foreign sponsors decided to try a different insidious plot to prevent his free and fair victory. The foreign sponsors of the old and tired athlete began threatening any Kenyan who offered the Young Turk a drink of water as he ran the race, that should he win, there would be dire consequences for that support. However, this failed to dissuade Kenyans from supporting the young runner. In actual fact, it resulted in even more supporters donning his colours.

Then, in a final desperate attempt to fix the outcome of the race; the foreign sponsors of the old runner implemented an extensive doping regime; trying to boost their tired runner’s stamina by giving him monetary steroids. It is an open secret that the coffers of certain political parties, personalities and activist-NGOs have been swollen by backdoor funds from Western nations who were hell-bent on ensuring that their marionette succeeded at the polls.

The race organizers were pressured to ignore the blatant race-fixing that was taking place right under their noses. The media covering the race had their attention diverted from the real rigging and financial doping by foreigners by means of a carefully planted story alleging a preposterous plot by the young runner to steal the race. While the media’s cameras were trained in the wrong direction there was open and flagrant manipulation of the race going on not far from their gaze.

This financial doping gave the old runner’s coaches a false sense of hope and an inflated ego. They loudly shouted for all and sundry to hear that their man was now unstoppable, that he would win the race. They forget that in this race the young runner had overcome every obstacle that has been thrown in his way. Spurious attempts to have him disqualified mid-race, threats against his person, even calls for him to run the whole race but pass the baton to a bystander just as the finish line beckoned; all these failed to deter the young runner. This was his moment; this was our moment. A victory that would forever change the country for the better beckoned.

Against all odds, the young athlete romped to victory by a large margin. However, the sponsors of the old athlete would not accept defeat graciously. Instead, they rushed to the race adjudicators crying foul. They alleged that the young runner had taken shortcuts, that he had been assisted unfairly. They promised eye-catching and sensational evidence that would prove that the former champion had been denied a legitimate victory.

The country waited. The world waited. What was presented to the adjudicators was not what the spectators had been promised by the old runner’s coaches. Instead of fire and brimstone or ground-shaking evidence; the coaches presented a feeble and disjointed narrative that was heavy on innuendo and allegation but devoid of any substance and evidence.

Unsurprisingly the adjudicators upheld the young runner’s victory. Millions of Kenyans wept with joy as he strode onto the podium and humbly accepted his new mantle. Disappointingly, his competitors choose to disregard sportsmanship and boycotted the award ceremony.

Their sponsors, however, was more pragmatic. They knew that despite having tried their villainous best, the young runner was the undisputed new champion after a free and fair race. Their race observers had grudgingly confirmed this fact. So, one by one, they lined up to offer the new champion endorsement deals. When asked what became of their hard-line stance they would say that they had been misquoted and had never officially said they would not deal with the young runner should he win the race.

That race, now over, will determine the future and destiny of our beloved country. The young champion knows full well that he must bring rival fans together; for the good of Kenya. He is expected to use his championship to better the country and make the lives of all Kenyans better. Fortunately for him, and for all of us, he has the energy, skills and determination to succeed as demonstrated in the last 100 days.

(Mbiuki is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya.

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  1. but the young champion athlete soon forgot his supporters and keen on maintaining the track that took him to the championship, started calling for increased gate fees for entrance into the stadium, he also pushed for vendors to charge higher fees for the water that fans needed to quench their thirst as they watched his championship-winning race, and allowed his team of trainers and advisers to extort money from fans, he also asked the security men to be hard and those that did not sing praises for him…

  2. but the young champion athlete soon forgot his supporters and keen on
    maintaining the track that took him to the championship, started calling
    for increased gate fees for entrance into the stadium, he also pushed
    for vendors to charge higher fees for the water that fans needed to
    quench their thirst as they watched his championship-winning race, and
    allowed his team of trainers and advisers to extort money from fans, he
    also asked the security men to be hard on those that did not sing
    praises for him…

  3. Having achieved a feat of sorts after you helped stop Kethi Kilonzo from running for Senate, its obvious you think you are above every other Kenyan. Kenyans were completely conned in March 4,2013 presidential election. Of course, we do remember those tripple tyrany numbers 111s and 333s. When I asked what they represented given that they were staying unchanged for days , we were quickly given another set of 444s and 888s that lasted untill very close to announcement of results. Of course, as a pretended insider, you can tell us what they stood for! That you are trying to justify election merely won on trickery, is simply despicable to say the least.

    After 2007 rigging fiasco, all indications are that people went on overdrive to create rigging that had all markings of “real thing.” First, we designed a program that would leave the population satisfied, or wallowing in confused doubts. Government must have gone flat out to develop “foolproof” sort of looking results! The first step was to remove former Vp from the scene. Incidentally, he was indeed made a restless foreign minister without formal announcement! He hardly spent a week without long foreign assignments. Then you think what Adan Duale said in Mombasa a few months before elections about that former VP. In retrospect, you realize schemes to dupe Kenyans started centuries ago! Infact, Kibaki’s decision not to sign benefits for former VP and PM were mere political machinations to reduce the two to irrelevancies once they were “defeated.”

    Another reason to “demote” former VP was that he was too much sinned to be trusted on the matter of ICC. Actually when ICC issues started getting too close to former president, it became a necessity to “form a friendly regime” to take charge. Appointments made even after then DPM had resigned from finance ministry pointed to a well calculated move to promote his “candidacy.” That several senior government officials were from very early on, in the know who was the next president said it all.

    CJ’s entry in to the schemes completed blinding of CORD. They became sure footed once mungiki letters and airport sagas were put on display! The truth is that those were mere false make-believe tactics to ensure that none took to the streets after results were annonced. That a candidate who only commanded support in two provinces could lead from start finish point to a well worked out scheme indeed. That was also meant to prevent people contesting the results too. Knowing very well they had a friend in Supreme Court, CORD never bothered to take any other measures. Anyhow, hat was the “bilnd” they were meant to swallow from the very onset! Otherwise, once Supreme Court decided, they had to “respect the judgement and democratic institutions!”

  4. Not well thought out. Hardly conciliatory, not factual. Nice allegory. Of course not written by a neutral author. You can do much much much better when you have such a forum.

  5. Wow…is this the kind of blather to expect fom an “Opinion Leader”, an advocate of the HCK at that? Is it any wonder we are a country that wrote the book on impunity and corrupt governance….not to mention judicial incompetence?
    This is a silly article that is laced with qualitative and poetic flowerly and subjective prose that almost reflects a desire to curry favor with those in power. Dude…at least mask your brown-nosing.
    You bought into the narrative UK and WR pushed that the 2013 elections were a referundum on Kenya’s sovereignity.
    Memo to Mr. Advocate:
    Your saints are facing charges of crimes against humanity, not at the joke of a court you serve – High Court of Kenya – but at The Hague; a court that is not subject to the manipulation your “young champions”.
    As for bringing “rival fans together”, well that wishful thinking has been belied by the utterances of your counterpart Mr. Ngunyi: That your “young champions” deal ruthlessly with their rivals…something they are well on their way to doing.

    1. and how will you call those who support raila to the hilt and would not hear of any critism leveled against him? is that sycophancy?

      1. Call them what you will, but Mbiuki’s is certainly indicative of the brainwashing and hero-worship attendant to jubilants

  6. This was a race and there had to be a winner, for the winners they celebrated amicably, losers are still condemning, criticizing, etc This are normal human reactions.

    1. winners “celebrated amicably”…what does that even mean?
      i am definitely not condemning the “winners”, i am, however, going to hold them accountable and will not hesitate to call them out when they eff up…and i will readily give them credit when/where credit is due…something they have not earned thus far!!

  7. Thank you for breaking it down for ODM novices and dimwits and perpetual cry babies, failures, and mourners. They think that elections are won by shouting, throwing stones and heckling and stealing IEBC materials.Cord is now the home for all the political dinausiers and the youth have no chance and they still expect to win in 2017 using a team of exhausted, tired, limping old, dinausiers who will be gasping for breath as they chase votes from the youth.

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