Honour heroes through a new Constitution


Those who love freedom and justice; those who cherish and relish democracy should be prepared to reward the heroes of Kenya\’s second liberation through voting in a new constitution.

Truly, how can we reward these brave men and women who are still with us and the departed ones like – Bishop Alexander Muge, Henry Okullu, Manasses Kuria, George Anyona, Masinde Muliro and Jaramogi Odinga?

Shall we continue being manacled by the tentacles that deprived them off their freedom or we need to shake off and build a new order, look back and celebrate their zeal and determination to pave the way for Kenya\’s second liberation.

Shall we reward these heroes by joining forces with those who subjected them to physical torture, spiritual ordeal and mental agony to deny Kenyans a new order?

Shall we reward these heroes through negative maneuvers through killing the dream they have always held for the Country and which is likely to change our leadership and governance systems for future generations?

While attending a discussion group sponsored by Amnesty International in New York recently, I was given accolades not because of doing anything  for Kenya but through the respect one the key figures of the organization upholds for the Central Imenti MP Gitobu Imanyara, when they met  in New York at the height of Kenya\’s clamour for Multiparty democracy.

This reminds me of one key thing- true patriotism. Emanyara and his group fought passionately with zeal, bravery without looking at any gains. They loved Kenya during that time and they have continued doing so without giving up.

They didn\’t mortgage or betray the course of the struggle but kept pressing forward fearlessly. Those days, there were no strong activities from the civil society like it is today but they used every means to ensure that section (2a) was changed. The public order act, the chiefs\’ order, and the public security act all gave former president Moi the ammunition to make Kenyans forced refugees in the West and detainees at home.

Let us reward the heroes who paved the way for the freedom we enjoy by voting in a new constitution in the coming referendum.

The writers lives in New Jersey USA.

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