Have you lost your dream along the way

Somewhere about 70kms from the heart of Mzansi there is a man-made pool of water – quite expansive – called Hartebeesport Dam. Apart from the hard name and dazzling ripples of sunlight bouncing off the water, there are quite a number of dreams bopping up and down the dam.

One of these dreams goes by the name Toro Ya Me – which in Suthu means my mother\’s dream. And the author of this dream is Derna Van Vuuren. One day Derna had a dream. She dreamed of a boat on the water, with her home close by. Her husband would be the skipper and she would share her boat with visitors, whom she would charge to ride on her dream.

It doesn\’t seem like much, but its more than most of the people I know have ever come up with.

I think a big mistake a number of us make is we dream of money. We dream of the Dollar Race or the Millionaires throne or something like that. Every road is a possible road to success, and walking every road would leave you clothed in dirt.

If in case money is found, more often than not, there are several discrepancies, compromises and ghosts attached to it. And when we get it, it only buys emptiness, pride and everything we meet on the way side. With all said and done, it means little.

Most successful dreams have more weight at the bottom. There is a boat, a home, a conglomerate, a flower farm, a radio station and others… When money accompanies the heavy dream, it can only grow.

A lot of us have forgotten our dreams, and the money we make means nothing. Soon our lives mean nothing and we get tired too quickly. Think about it. Think about where your dream might have fallen along the way and retrace your steps just a little bit.

Derna dreamt of the boat and fitted earnings into it via two-hour boat rides and boat parties. So for herm that comes out as a double whammy. What is your dream?

(Disclaimer: I do not speak for everyone).

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