Graft fight remains a dream, for now

I beg your indulgence to dream a little.

By virtue of the ongoing debate on the Sh2 billion maize scandal, I can’t help but whisk myself to dreamland.

Prime Minister Raila Odinga, aggravated by the fact that some poor Kenyans could have died as a few rich public servants stuffed their bank accounts is not letting this scam just die like his critics are alluding. He will not tone down and will be talking about it at his public rallies this weekend.

Raila, who has already asked Education Minister Sam Ongeri to resign over a scandal involving his officers, will be asking the ministers of Agriculture and Special Programs to step aside too. In fact he will not do this behind closed doors but in a public meeting and if possible to their faces. By virtue of being the ODM party leader he will sack the Agriculture Minister should he be adamant to remain in office.

Before the dust settles we are going to see a top official in the Office of the Prime Minister resign. I guess he will not last this weekend in office. In case he decides to stay put, our beloved Prime Minister, (a passionate man against corruption) is going to publicly ask him to resign or better still, sack him.

To address the problems at the National Cereals and Produce Board, which is at the centre of the scam, the PM will meet the President and the Head of Civil service to institute major changes at the top management.

(The last time I wrote a blog, I poured praises on our beloved Prime Minister for his exemplary work. I believe being the vocal advocate against corruption he will not disappoint).

Let me take my dream higher and head to Integrity Centre where Dr John Mutonyi is occupying the hot seat. Judging by latest goings on at the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission, Mutonyi is determined to show us that we do not need a renowned lawyer or a top judge at the anti graft body to see action.

Dr Mutonyi will swing into action (as he cements his influence in acting capacity) and pursue every official named in the maize report. He will hound a bunch of the suspected ‘maize thieves’ into the anti corruption court very soon. All investigators on leave will be recalled and the files to charge these fellows will be completed in record time. All loopholes will be sealed with solid rock evidence.

What a relief it will be for many Kenyans to see these people who enriched themselves at the expense of hungry poor Kenyans in the dock.

But again this is Kenya and I am still dreaming…

Just like any other Kenyan I am apprehensive we see any action against the suspects.  In this country where corruption is the order of the day, Kenyans are often disappointed not just by the pain of lost millions of tax payers’ money but more by the fact that most likely we will witness the well-connected officials escape justice.

Nevertheless though a pessimistic Kenyan, some part of me tells me to hold onto my dream.

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