Govt is as united now as it has been since inception

Recent media reports have made baseless allegations over the war on graft.

They have attempted to look for division in Government where there is none.

It is important for the media to know that no matter how many times lies are peddled, they remain just that – lies.

It should be clear that the President and Deputy President are committed to the war on corruption.

Government officials, including Cabinet Secretaries, are not allies of the President or the Deputy President.

These are individuals who met the set criteria to work in the offices they were appointed.

They are public servants and are expected to conduct and manage their offices and the resources therein to the highest standard.

They are also subject to the regulations and the law of the land without exception.

If they excel, they are rewarded; if they fall short, they face the consequences.

Every official is, therefore, individually responsible for the docket assigned to him or her.

If they do not live to the expectation of the appointing authority and the people of Kenya, they should not expect preferential treatment or mercy.

The President and Deputy President’s commitment to the war on corruption is clear and resolute: No one will be tolerated, in Cabinet or elsewhere in Government, if they are suspected to have engaged in corruption.

Those who have stepped aside from office over allegations of corruption have nothing to fear if they are innocent.

They will be cleared and will be back to Government. Those with a case to answer will defend themselves as the law prescribes.

The claims by a few alleging that the Deputy President was not aware of the corruption report the President handed to Parliament are cheap, false and unfounded. Those making the claims do not speak for him. They do not know. They cannot know. They are engaging in idle talk.

It is important to say this: The Government is as united now as it has been since inception. Unlike the coalition arrangement, the Government works together under one leader, President Uhuru Kenyatta. The naysayers should find something else to do.

David Mugonyi is the Secretary Communication, Office of the Deputy President

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