Governors must be involved in security – CORD


Another senseless slaughter of our citizens has taken place in the northern part of our country…at least 37 people dead.

We are here to offer deep condolences to the families caught in this latest rage and wish speedy recovery to the injured.

We also join hands with the people of Mandera to call for peace and calm as we mourn our departed country men and women.

The insecurity currently engulfing the nation calls for a comprehensive reappraisal of our security apparatus in terms of its organization, authority structure, equipment and morale of personnel and coordination.

We have previously called for a proper and well-structured security system in county government with proper accountability to the governor’s office.

We have reason to believe Kenyans are victims of State failure and indifference coupled with the effects of corruption within our security, political, intelligence and military leadership.

Once again, we demand from Jubilee administration a comprehensive strategy to defeat terrorists and secure the nation.

We need clear, actionable plan for counter-terrorism and a clear program for training, operations, border security, anti-corruption programs and targeting terrorist financing.

The country is crying for policies to tame extremism. What the government is pursuing across the country from Eastleigh to Mombasa has proved to be counter-productive.

The government must reignite reforms in the security and intelligence sectors. They have stalled because Jubilee is not interested in those reforms.

We are demanding a thorough top to bottom assessment of the threats we face, the personnel we have and what they mean for our ability to confront the dangers we face.

Yes we need to invest in equipment. But equipment alone counts for nothing when competence is lacking, intelligence gathering is compromised by corruption and partisan considerations and morale is weak.

We are calling for more direct coordination of security matters with county and more local administrations.

We demand a security system informed by an intelligence force that is professional and competitive and non-partisan.

We need openness. There is need for consultations to enable us build a security and intelligence system that is able to keep pace with highly adaptable enemies.

We need technologies and practices that enable us to efficiently collect and share information within and across our intelligence agencies.

Consultations will ensure we invest in human intelligence that keeps information on trends and suspicious movements flowing.

This can only happen in an environment that is free of corruption and the know it all attitude that is on display and which is exposing our people to grim danger daily.

Kenyans deserve better, much better than this.

(Statement issued by CORD leaders on December 2, 2014)

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  1. Less than 24hrs ago, the Cord leaders were chanting that KDF should withdraw completely from Somalia. Now the tune has changed completely.
    Yes, reforms in our security structures need to be carried out, but they must not be debated in the political arena under the pretext of “dialogue”.
    As for the governors participating in security, let it be confined to implementing the nyumba kumi initiative and channeling information to the Police. Involving the governors in security matters any higher than that is a recipe for disaster.

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