Government should address referendum security concerns

Address Referendum Security Concerns

As we move towards August 4th, the State security agents should be adequately prepared to nib in the bud any perceived security threats. Cases of intimidation on those who support the proposed laws in areas perceived to be ‘Red’ zones are increasing by the day. Leaflets have been circulated in the North Rift warning of potential eviction of some communities labelled as outsiders.

The recent incident in Borabu District where two residents were shot with arrows by unknown assailants should not be taken as a normal case of thuggery, since it happened at the border of Nyanza and Rift Valley the perennial hot spot of bloody conflicts whenever we are approaching an electioneering period.

These incidents are meant to intimidate Kenyans to vote not as their consciences dictates but to the wishes of their tormentors for the sake of “peace.” The post election violence situation could have been handled well if the government had heeded to the calls in providing security to warring communities residing along the common borders.

Given the fluid political environment and what transpired after the bungled 2007 presidential election, the security agencies and the National Cohesion and Integration Commission should intensify their watch on events unfolding in the political arena.

This country has not recovered from the aftermath of last general elections’ violence and any lapse from the security agencies will push us down to the league of failed states. There is need to create a referendum security committee whose sole responsibility is to monitor and ensure peace is maintained during and after the referendum.

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