Going Green for a Going Concern

Deploying and leveraging sustainable technologies to support net-zero and/or net positive community infrastructure while meeting community needs.How do we rationalize energy costs and enhance productivity? How can we intelligently characterize, optimize and integrate various energy subsystems to improve overall system efficiency? Thermal attitudes of building occupants vs. spatio-temporal considerations. What are the time dependencies?

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  1. i had the chance to drive the car from Mbs to Nrb, what i can say is that – the car is super good for one who want to be Every place(Termaced roads and Off-roads)

  2. A very nice ride there but after doing the math, you buy the car @ 4.4M, spend 2.6M or more to import it, while you can get a not-so-bad ride @ 2.6M and for crying out loud, KQ rights issue is on going, you never know 4.4M might get you a flying ride someday….anyway, that’s just me thinking.

  3. One thing that stands out: “Nairobi’s flooded estates are not match for a wading depth of 19.7 inches.” Clearly the owner of this car doesn’t live in a flooded estate… So this is the “clande” car?

  4. Laura is so right. This is more than a car. It’s art on the road. For sure it’ll turn heads and I’d buy a show room one but with all the issues CMC is going through right now I don’t think so…..

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