Full State of The Nation speech by President Kenyatta

In 2013, we promised to connect electricity to all public primary schools by 2017.

Today, having connected an additional 14,045 schools representing over 98% of all public primary schools in the country.

For example Katulu Primary School in Tala, Machakos which was connected to power in May 2015.

We have kept the promise.

In the health sector, we promised to upgrade our public hospital facilities.

Prior to 2013, only the four referral hospitals had such equipment. Four years later, through the innovative Managed Equipment Services program, I am pleased to say that 92 hospitals across all counties have now been equipped with modern diagnostic equipment.

For example the uplifting story of Jackson Wamai, a 28-year old secondary school teacher in Muranga. He was diagnosed with kidney failure five years ago. He used to travel twice a week to Nairobi for dialysis at Kenyatta Hospital. He was almost dismissed by the Teachers Service Commission for absenteeism. Today, thanks to the upgrades done at the Muranga Level 5 hospital, he now travels 20 minutes to his dialysis sessions. He is able to properly serve his students.

We have kept the promise.

In 2013, we guaranteed the provision of free primary healthcare for expectant mothers.

Today, we have doubled the numbers of expectant mothers delivering under the care of skilled medical attendants to over 1.2 million by the end of 2016.

We have kept the promise.

In 2013 we promised to increase access to affordable healthcare.

Today, we have increased the number of Kenyans with access to outpatient medical care through the National Hospital Insurance Fund from 3.8 million in 2013 to 5.8 million in 2017.

These include people like Caleb “Balozi” Omino a farmer in Kisumu county living with a disability. Through the government-sponsored programme he was able to become a member of the NHIF. In 2014, Caleb’s daughter Esther fell ill and was admitted to hospital with typhoid a few weeks before she was to sit for her KCPE. It was through the intervention of NHIF that she received treatment made a full recovery and was able to successfully complete her exams. Esther is now in form 2. I invited Caleb to attend today’s sitting, and I am happy to see him here with us.

We have kept the promise.

Honourable Members,

In 2013, we promised to bring service delivery closer to every Kenyan.

Today, we have transformed service delivery through the Huduma initiative. We have 45 Huduma centres in 41 counties, providing 66 different government services to over 40,000 Kenyans everyday. We have kept the promise.

Further, through the innovative digital platform E-Citizen, over 3 million Kenyans have successfully paid to access 197 different public services.

These are services like, passport applications, visa applications, driving license renewals, vehicle registration, business registration, company searches and applications for certificates of good conduct.

We have kept this promise!

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