Full State of The Nation speech by President Kenyatta

Our war on illegal drugs is steadily being won. The streamlining of activities at our ports of entry, especially the Port of Mombasa, have resulted in rising successes against drug trafficking cartels. We are actively cooperating with several foreign law enforcement agencies to identify and bring to book the individuals involved in the international narcotics trade. I want to assure the families of the thousands of young men and women across the country, who are victims of the drug trade, that my Government will facilitate access to rehabilitation. I also assure those distraught mothers who have pleaded with me during my recent visits to the Coast that my administration will catch up with the drug lords who are poisoning our children.

We shall hold them to account for the deaths they have caused, and the families they continue to destroy.

Honourable members,

These successes notwithstanding, we are still confronted by lawlessness and violence in the form of banditry in parts of the North Rift and Laikipia. I reiterate that my administration cannot, and will not, condone the blatant violation of the rights guaranteed in our constitution. This administration will use all means at its disposal to pursue and bring to justice all those involved in causing this mayhem. I warn politicians in the affected areas to stop incitement to any form of violence. You will be held to account.

In the last four years, my administration has worked hard to make Kenya an attractive destination for investment. I want to reaffirm our commitment to the Rule of Law, and to assure all domestic and foreign investors that we are open for business.

I appreciate that the drought we are currently experiencing has adversely impacted a significant portion of our population and more so our pastoralist communities whose livestock lack pasture and water.

Our elected leaders, at all levels, should work with the National Administration to ensure that their constituents have access to the drought assistance packages availed by the Government, including the livestock off-take program.

Fellow Kenyans,

It is not often that we get the opportunity to assess and report on our own progress as a government. However one thing is clear. The Jubilee administration has a long-term development plan, it has a defined and orderly strategy to protect and promote the interests of our country. My Administration:
• Is clear about its direction and sense of purpose
• Is clear about its economic and development agenda for Kenya.

When we were campaigning for the leadership of this country four years ago, we were clear on what our plans would be to establish a strong foundation for our country to prosper economically. While appreciating what our predecessors had achieved, we recognized that Kenya needed a transformation to support manufacturing and the knowledge and infrastructure it requires. It is from this transformation that plentiful and decent jobs can be delivered to our youth.

To begin the walk towards industrialisation, we needed to drastically improve and expand our infrastructure, and to increase access to electricity and diversify our energy sources. We needed to invest in our healthcare system and to recalibrate our education sector, and make it fit for the future. We needed to strengthen our security, and change our policies to encourage investment in industries and light manufacturing.

That is what we have undertaken to do as an administration with the support of the Kenyan people.

Allow me to highlight where we are four years later in keeping our promises and following through on our commitments:- As result of the substantial changes we have made to our business policy framework, for two years in a row, Kenya has been ranked as the 3rd most improved country globally according to the World Bank Ease of Doing Business Index.

We promised we were going to build a new railway, from Mombasa to Malaba through Kisumu, and that we would complete the first phase from Mombasa to Nairobi before June 2017. We have kept the promise.

Due to the establishment of factories for the manufacturing of steel-reinforced sleepers and T-Beams, small towns like Kathekani in Mtito Andei and Emali are experiencing an economic boom. I invite you to join me in June as we ride the inaugural train from Mombasa to Nairobi.

In 2013, we promised to undertake the most aggressive road construction program ever seen in Kenya. With 1,950 kilometres of new roads completed, and another 7000 kilometres under different phases of construction, we have kept the promise.

The impact of these roads can be felt across the country. The citizens of Moyale who used to spend 3 days on the road traveling to Nairobi, can now make the same journey in under 7 hours. From 1 bus a day 12 months ago, today 30 buses a day are plying the route. This has brought a new economic dynamic to towns such as Moyale, Turbi and Marsabit. In Homa Bay County, the residents of Rusinga Island now have a brand new bridge linking them to Mbita and improving the safety of transport in the Lake region.

In Taveta, banana farmers in Kimundia and Mboghoni can now get their produce to markets in Mombasa in under 4 hours as the Mwatate-Taveta Road nears completion. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a road that had been promised by 4 different Governments in the last 55 years but has only been delivered by one. The Jubilee Government.

In Kilifi, the construction of the 51 kilometre Mariakani-Bamba road means that the famous song Safari Ya Bamba ni Machero needs to be recomposed to Safari Ya Bamba ni Rero.

In 2013, we promised to connect every county to Fiber Optic technology in order to ease access to information. Today, every county headquarters is connected to fibre and 50% of all sub-county headquarters are also connected. We have kept the promise.

In 2013, we promised to provide access to electricity for 70% of all households by the end of 2017.

Today, we have connected an additional 3.7 million new homes to electricity. We have more than doubled the total number of connections made since independence.

For Jacob Shirandula of Fubuye village in Malava, and Nancy Ekeno of Ogilgei village in Njoro, being connected to the grid has changed their lives for the better alongside that of millions of other Kenyans.

We have kept the promise

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