Full State of The Nation speech by President Kenyatta

Fellow Kenyans,

I note that Kenya will conduct its general elections in August this year. Elections are nothing new to Kenya, we are one of the few African countries that have had regular elections since independence without fail. We are an icon of democracy, a bastion of freedom, a haven of safety where freedom of expression flourishes but we must be mindful that democracy is a fragile state and we need to protect it.

I wish to assure the Nation that my Government is committed to a free and fair elections process. In preparation for the elections, Parliament passed legislations to improve the management of the electoral process. These include the Election Offences Act No. 37 of 2016, to manage election offences, the Political Parties (Amendment) Act No. 14 of 2016 to improve management of the Political Parties Fund, among others. My Government has also enacted laws to enhance transparency and accountability of the electoral process and enacted the Election Laws (Amendment) Act No. 36 of 2016 and the Election Laws (Amendment) Act No. 1 of 2017.

As we approach the polls, I wish to remind Kenyans to uphold peace and remain united. Elections are a one-time event but Kenya is larger than all of us and shall, and must remain. Those seeking political office must desist from any utterances that may divide Kenyans along ethnic, religious or other lines. Further, I urge citizens to exercise tolerance before, during and after the elections.

The right to choose our leaders is precious. We know that our fathers and mothers suffered and struggled to win the right to choose their own government. We know that a new generation of reformers renewed our democracy in the 1990s.

And we also know of the long struggle for our new constitution that enshrines those rights. That is the history of the struggle that brought us here. Do not dishonour the achievement of those who won our freedoms by breaking the unity they established. Go and vote, and then let us return to building the house we have inherited from our fathers.

Let me conclude by reaffirming that the state of the nation is strong. We have kept our promise in ensuring that we have developed the country, to establish a base for rapid growth, sustainable shared prosperity and job creation.

We are now embarking on the journey to industrialisation, and ensuring a safe and prosperous nation for decades to come.
le Speakers, Members, Fellow Kenyans,

We must continue marching forward to build a prosperous Kenya, a Kenya that resonates with the dreams of our founding fathers. A Kenya that is stable and secure and a Kenya whose people are united in their ambition and determination.

Honourable Members
I have worked everyday of my first term to put us in position to make this leap. The Kenyan people have driven this process every step of the way.

It is your vision of transformation, rooted in your daily needs of good jobs and rising incomes, that I am pursuing. Together, we can change our country and change our lives. That is the single goal Jubilee serves, and I urge all Kenyans to join me in delivering another term of people-focused governance, boldness of vision and hard work as we rise ever higher.

Thank you and God Bless You, and God Bless Kenya

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