Full State of The Nation speech by President Kenyatta

Dear Kenyans, Speakers of Both Houses of Parliament, Honourable Members

Today, we celebrate an extraordinary Kenyan journey: four years of transformation, of growth, and the deepening our democracy. I want to salute and congratulate each and every Kenyan today for staying true to our solemn duty to protect, preserve and promote our constitution. Because of you, Kenya remains an oasis of peace and prosperity. Because of you, our country stands tall in the community of nations.

Today, we celebrate a transformed Kenya.

At the heart of this momentous change is Parliament. The Eleventh Parliament, which I liken to our first Parliament at independence, has undertaken a historic task of establishing a new constitutional order and legislating its foundational instruments.

Honourable Members,
You were charged with a historic task: a task to implement the new constitution that Kenyans bestowed on themselves in 2010. You have done that job well. Your commitment has put our nation on a solid legal foundation that is the key to sustainable development.

Fellow Kenyans and Honourable Members,

The Constitution reminds us that our authority is a public trust, to be exercised in a manner that brings honour to the nation, and in full accountability to Kenyans by whom, and for whom, we hold that authority.

We meet today to discharge our duty under that trust. Our Constitution demands that Kenyans and their representatives be informed of the state of the nation. As an accountable administration, we are obliged to explain to Kenyans what we have done with the mandate bestowed upon us.

It is my pleasure, therefore, to lay before this joint sitting of Parliament, pursuant to Articles 10, 132 and 240 of the Constitution of Kenya, reports regarding the State of Our National Security; Measures Taken and Progress Achieved in the Realisation of National Values; and, to the National Assembly, a report on the Progress Made in Fulfilling our International Obligations.

Since taking my oath of office, the implementation of the Constitution of Kenya has been a key priority of my agenda. In the last four years, the Jubilee administration, with the help of Parliament, has completed our constitutional implementation.

During this phase, Parliament has passed, and I have assented to, 136 laws.

Our democracy has matured. I took office as an embodiment of the transition to a new constitutional order. Since then, there have been a number of significant transitions. We have witnessed a momentous transition in the Judiciary. Today, we have a full bench in the Supreme Court led by the second Chief Justice under the new constitution.

I take this opportunity to welcome the new Chief Justice, the Hon. Justice David Maraga and his Deputy Hon. Justice Philomena Mwilu.

I reiterate to them the support of my administration to the attainment of an independent and honest Judiciary. Our constitutional order delivers independent arms of government while its spirit requires inter-dependence for our citizens, in whom all sovereign power resides, to be served fairly and effectively.

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