From high fuel costs to lack of it

The old adage "jumping from the frying pan into the fire" explains the situation created by the present oil crisis in Kenya.

We in the Motorist Association of Kenya are very sad indeed due to the double punishment occasioned by not only costly fuel but lack of it completely. The instability caused by the twin evils is enough to wake the high and mighty to act swiftly with necessary intervention.

The threatened stability caused by the oil crisis is a real time bomb waiting to explode with wide ranging political and economic implications for the country.

The approach by the Energy Ministry raises fundamental questions. We feel cheated by the promise that oil shortage will be sorted out only for the situation to deteriorate.

Motorists top the list of tax payers and we expect the government to reciprocate by offering services expected of it.

The primary duty of the government is to control social and economic activities for the welfare of its citizens. Policy makers are squarely responsible for the current mess and they should be made answerable for the insecurity caused by stalled vehicles and lost business through wasted man-hours.

One cannot rule out sabotage in the midst of continued wrangling within the government and oil marketers for some time now.  Threats and arm-twisting are the order of the day in the energy sector.

The National Oil Corporation and other agencies within the control of the government ought to ensure that Strategic Reserves are secured and prudent long-term oil policies to prevent possible sabotages created by marketing cartels.

There seems to be a systematic conspiracy to punish motorists. Playing coalition politics at the expense of Kenyans is wrong. Muggers too had a field day on Tuesday stealing from dry stalled cars whose occupants run up and down with jerry cans to look for fuel.

We hope that the dire situation will be addressed promptly with lasting solutions.

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