Free, fair and democratic nominations key for Jubilee Party unity

On December 4, 2012, we gathered at the Jevanjee Gardens in Nairobi and signed up on a deal that would see TNA and URP come together as an alliance that later became the Jubilee Coalition.

Many doubted this unity of purpose, as they claimed that the new alliance was made up of two tribes – which some said had a bitter past due to the 2007 post-election violence.

It is now almost four years since that day, and just over a month since we congregated again at the Kasarani Stadium as President Uhuru Kenyatta was joined by thousands of Kenyans to launch the Jubilee Party. This time round, it was not just TNA and URP that came to the party, but a grand total of 12 parties committed to collaborating and speaking in one voice.

This transition from Jubilee Alliance to Jubilee Party was unexpected for many who thought that, because of the history of coalitions in Kenya, we would disintegrate. But we stand, and continue to stand tall, united as a single party with a common agenda to work for the prosperity of this country and the people we serve.

We have no doubt that the doomsayers will continue to cast aspersions on the integrity of the Jubilee Party and its leaders. However, as they continue to engage in unnecessary banter on the sidelines, the Jubilee Party will forge ahead to be victorious in the next elections and use this majority for the good of the people of Kenya.  For those of us who have been given the mandate to manage counties by the people, we have worked with the national government to ensure we also deliver.

The Opposition, just like anywhere else in the world, will never accept that all Kenyans, including those that did not vote for Jubilee, are enjoying the fruits of this government. But the proof is tangible and visible from increased access to electricity, healthcare, water and sanitation to more robust and extensive infrastructure to enhance service delivery at every level. And this Government does not intend to stop in 2017.

However, for us to continue along this trajectory, we in Jubilee must do a number of things, which will guarantee us victory. To start with, we must remain united as we move into the nominations and the elections next year, and avoid being distracted by our opponents who cannot put their house in order.  As I continuously tell the people of Kiambu, unity is key in any society and Jubilee Party is not exempt from this.

This is the reason why we do not have preferred candidates for any position other than the President and Deputy President. Without unity, we will go nowhere.  Each one of us, myself included, will have to square it out with others at the nominations with the hope that we will get to serve a second term and continue with the good work we have begun to date.  All elected leaders will have to compete at the nominations with others and should resolve to support whoever wins.

And this brings me to my second point – that the Jubilee Party should ensure that it undertakes a free, fair and democratic nomination process that will not only give us the best candidates, but will also reflect the will of Jubilee supporters.

I am committed to supporting whoever I believe will not only deliver a resounding win during the elections, but will work towards the continued improvement of the lives of the people of Kiambu. Elections come once in every five years but development will happen for posterity. We, as Jubilee Party, should be focused on development and our goal to continue uniting Kenyans so that we can prosper together.

The party nominations and the elections that will follow should not be used to divide either our supporters or the rest of the Kenyan population and the leaders of Jubilee have committed themselves to a free and fair nomination process and the conduct of peaceful elections thereafter.

We need not forget that one of the primary reasons why TNA and URP were able to work well, individually and together, was because of free and fair nominations from the very outset. It is our hope that this is what the Jubilee Party will continue to do.

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