Five ways to honour Raila after he loses on March 4


Listening to Prime Minister Raila Odinga accuse senior officials from the Office of the President of rigging the forthcoming general elections, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is that it’s more of the vintage Raila doing what he does best – creating confusion and wild claims with a view to precipitating civil strife. For indeed to expect Raila to thrive in a peaceful environment is akin to asking fish to swim on dry land.

Yet this time round I see in Raila’s claims a man who has sensed crushing defeat at the polls. He has good reasons to do so. There is a saying among some African communities that when the monkey’s final hour beckons, all the trees in the forest suddenly become slippery. The monkey cannot hold on to any tree without falling onto the ground.

To use the football analogy for which the Prime Minister is acknowledged as an unrivalled professor, the game is in the last minute of extra time. The final whistle has gone off and we have to decide this on penalty kicks. Raila tries his first penalty kick of reformers versus non-reformers. Result: Miss.

He moves forward to take the second kick known as creating a divide between the rich and poor. He shoots very wide when Kenyans remind him that he is part of the problem not the solution. He then takes the third penalty labelled promises of the future. The ball hits the woodwork when very informed voters tell him that he is only incumbent of the Grand Coalition who is running for the presidency and that he has had five years to prove that he can deliver on anything but, alas, his scorecard is dismal.

Raila Odinga then gathers all the strength and skill he can amass to take the fourth penalty. This penalty he calls it ‘The Land Question’. It is meant to be a killer blow that will incite Kenyans on the emotive issue of land. This one volleys high into the air as Kenyans wonder why Raila whose ODM party holds James Orengo’s land portfolio over the last five years could not solve the land problem in Kenya.

By this time, star player Raila is left with only one penalty to take. He chooses what he thought would be the sure score, the International Criminal Court. This time he slips and falls before he could even take the penalty. He could not believe that both the ICC and the Kenyan judiciary have given a clean bill of health for Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto to vie in the elections. Having missed all the five penalties, Raila desperately resorts to claims of rigging, much like the ones from Arsenal fans when they lose to Manchester United in a match officiated by Howard Webb.

Even as the Prime Minister prepares to go home after losing in the elections to be held in a fortnight, it is imperative for us as a country to honour Raila with a befitting role post-defeat. The Prime Minister is not a bad man. He has done some few good things for this country. Yes, he has done many bad things as well but I believe that every angel has a past and every sinner a future. We Africans are known all over the world as having lots of what Korean Airlines erroneously referred to as ‘primitive energy’ in an advertisement.

No one personifies this more than the Prime Minister. It would be sad, therefore, to consign the Prime Minister to baking mandazi in Kibera as he once requested himself. That is why I am floating five ways we could honour the Prime Minister once he loses on the 4th of March.

First, I think we should create a semi-autonomous government agency (SAGA) to deal conclusively with the irritant that is the water hyacinth in Lake Victoria. Doubtlessly, this is an issue that is of utmost concern not only for Kenya but also for the entire Great Lakes region. Raila could be asked to head that agency.

Second, with the demise of Muammar Gaddafi, the lofty dream of the United States of Africa appears to have missed a driver. This role for Raila appears to be exactly what the doctor ordered for.

Third, it is a fact that climate change continues to cause concern for the global population. Whereas the West and countries like China and Japan appear to have taken major strides in combating climate change, Africa has not even opened the first chapter in this regard. Raila Odinga should be tasked to use his post-defeat years domesticating the Kyoto Accord to the African context. Time is running out on this.

Fourth, with new trouble flashpoints emerging every day, from Syria to Mali, from Tunisia to Yemen, it is not very wise to expect that Kofi Annan can shoulder the shuttle diplomacy role alone. He needs an able assistant who has the energy and ample time but who also enjoys the pleasures that come with extensive foreign travel. If an interview was held for this role, no one can hold a candle to our own Raila Odinga.

Finally ladies and gentlemen, by the year 2050 it is estimated that 80 percent of Africa’s population will be residing in urban areas. This will exert unforeseen pressures on our cities. If left unchecked, slum areas will develop to be major social and economic challenges for the newly urbanizing Africa. It will be necessary for the United Nations to create a specialised unit that will handle the problem of slums in Africa. I see the Prime Minister fitting perfectly into such a role given his experience, the lack of tangible results notwithstanding, in leading Kibera for the last 21 years.

A society that does not honour its heroes has no place in the civilized world. Even as the voters prepare to hand Raila Odinga massive defeat in the next fourteen days, it is incumbent upon us as a country to honour him with a fitting post-defeat role. Defeat should not be an excuse for humiliation.

(Kuria is a strategist for the Jubilee Alliance).

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    1. First, you must understand that throwing stones in campaign rallies can take several shapes! However, if RAO comes on top as is likely to happen, gnazishing of teeth takes instant effect!!!!

  1. PM Raila made very valid claims about rigging elections. Obviously, the usual village way of doing things in government had started showing alarming signs of insulting self-centredness. No other than the head of public service, Francis Kimemia, came up with extremely disturbing pronouncements! That he is reported to have made claims that were very supportive of Uhuru Kenyatta is not in doubt at all. However, what that meant was clear but certainly not within his job description! Its also important to note that IG of police had attempted to set campain rules. That was also supported by NCIC boss as well as Kimemia himself! Land issue was paraded as supposedly too emotive and as such, not worthy mentioning in campaign rallies! Its noteworthy that Uhuru and his family are largest land owners in the Republic! Needless to say, acquisation of those lands is pretty questionable. So what a better way to help Uhuru by stopping debate on the matter! If thats not an attempt to rig elections, then Kenyans dont know whats rigging!!!!

    The question of shooting off target doesnt even arise. Thats simply because Kenyans are yet to cast their votes. Nevertheless, tribalists believe that their village candidate is home and dry! Thats really self-deception since Kenyans know pretty well Uhuru Kenyatta is a suspected criminal by ICC. Which means his presidency is no more than a non-starter! Or could present economic challenges that Kenyans have never ever seen before. They have also noted his obvious contempt for them by implying that he can lead them by remote control! The fact he has no qualms in viewing Kenyans as robots is totally insulting and reason enough for his rejection! Parading yourself as the “only tribal leader” Kenya cant do without, is another clear unforgivable insult and certainly awfully unacceptable!!

    ICC and Kenyan courts have NEVER EVER given the purported clean bill of health to jubilee duo. Perhaps, twisted tribal imaginations is behind that statement! ICC position has been that as long as suspected criminals avail themselves in court, they are free to run their irrelevant empty sideshows. If thats what you calling clean bill of health, then Kenyans dont know whats clean bill of health! Kenyan courts did neither of that too. What happened is that guys apparently went to the wrong court. It was actually asserted that they should have gone to supreme court. That mere procedure failure, not even technically, CANT BE DESCRIBED AS GIVING CLEAN BILL OF OF HEALTH!!! Certainly, as a paid official of TNA/jubilee, you are just performing your misinformation duties!!!

    Kenyans need to be told that despite enormous tribal village propaganda, jubilee alliance is NOT GOING ANYWHERE AT ALL! Thats simply because with ICC cases having turned to fineprint (setallite) evidence, suspects whose prominance emerged from arrogating themselves tribal protection power, have no chance in hell in leading this country. In the unlikely event they win, it will only take a few weeks to go back to another presidential election. Thats because once you are elected and quickly leave the scene for purposes of your suspected criminality, the law gives Kenyans the right to fill that vacuum. Furthermore, has any country on earth been ruled by absentee land lords? Toxic tribalism will only prove very expensive for the country and thats all. Otherwise, those who are pushing for suspected criminal kinsmen to lord it on Kenyans will be extremely disappointed on election day!!!!

    1. mazee! cool down. relax. utadedi na tempa man. kwani kashamba kako ama kaplot kameenda? umenunua unga wa leo? watu kwenu walikula kanyama lini?

      1. Man hakuna shida, my three thousand acres are intact! Mambo sawa kabisha, just had a huge lunch of Kuku Kienyeji and sima with family! Things have never been so better sir! Thats why am not willing to drift to darkness while watching! Its my divine conviction bwana…. !!!!

          1. Stay tuned! Furthermore, if the thing escapes to other side, what are you going to do? You think the pumpy behavior that we have witnessed so far can earn votes? I hugely doubt!!!!

          2. To be frank with you, If it escapes to the other side, I will accept the outcome and come back here to argue with you on other pressing issues of the day. Like the swearing in location, the cabinet, etc etc….

          3. Then we are together pal. Am only concerned about tribalists and criminal suspects holding sway, or even threatening our normal lives. But if Kenyans choose them, so be it! In democracy majority has the say! So can you take back your arrogancy accusations????

          4. Sounds a bit polished and considered from you but you would do well to move away from that criminality thing for now. Otherwise one is tempted to think you have something to hide about yourself; something personal; and could be some criminal ways about self. Unfortunately you are veiled and not much can be seen about you; what you do for a living, who you associate with and any police record. Only criminals would know so much about criminals. And only criminals have so much fear in case things do not go their way. Enough has been said by you about people being criminal suspects but learn to respect institutions and personalities. the matter of ICC is beyond the control of simple minds. If the IEBC cleared anyone, if the courts pronounce themselves it is only fair that lesser mortals hold their tongues and try to play it fair and reasonable. The date is approaching fast. No one can hold it back. No one will take Kenya away so let everyone contribute towards a peaceful Kenya free of election violence. I think campaigns are literally over. The whole world is now watching Kenya do their thing. Dignity and civility are required. Stop hurling any more abuses at anyone. There is no situation that is impossible to handle. The rest of the world will go with what Kenya decides on March 4. And not everyone will be happy on 5th but life will continue. i would want to have a drink with you some day after the elections.

          5. Oh..! I didnt know you felt that bad pal! You come out as someone who easily bursts in to murderous fits whenever true but unpleasant things are said about their tribal king. I hope democracy didnt arrive too early for you babe! If true criminal suspects are referred as such, whats the problem? Or the pumpy campaigns have outlawed that also? Just hope I wont be denied to board my plane to Bahamas just because I didnt clear with a little tribal king at OPs! You need to guard your language as well. By any chance, are you saying those prosecutors who know much about criminals are criminals? Are you saying knowledge of criminality is crimninal? Are you equating ICC’s prosecutors with criminals? Hope you mean what you say! By the way, IEBC opted to give, “not to clear!”, nomination certificates to suspected criminals because other concerned government agencies had shied away, or failed to do their job. IEBC cant be expected to play investigator or the only “blocker” when other concerned arms of government wont do it. If thats what are calling IEBC’s “clerance,” you dont understand a thing! And if dignity and civility can only be obtained through hidding the real issues, I certainly dont need them. Perhaps, if you knew where my offices are you could easily come over with a rage of tropical buffalo!! May I ask you whether I declared your favorite guys suspected criminals or ICC did that? Why did Hon. Uhuru resign from his ministerial position? I thought we were told the moment his case was confirmed, he was to resign forthwith? How did he move up instead? And calling criminal suspects what they are cant be abuses my friend! You are making us wonder what sort of fellow you are in the first place! Infact, you are ambushing with huge let down, guess a jubilee frustrated incohorent foot soldier!!!!!

          6. tribal “KING” ni mnyama gani? I thought u had seen some light but I hv just gathered that u r yet to.I sympathise with u but will pray that it wont take u too long to do so, coz there is light at the end of the tunnel for everybody with eyes to see coming soon

    2. Watch this pace…this is a comment area not another page to write you own article nkt! see how Raila/Gor Mahia hooligans behave after loosing a match, if they dnt want competition, we can as well give you a portion like Pwani, go organize matches among yourself and elections among yourself, that way no competition. LEAVE KENYA IN PEACE!

        1. Asiye kubali kushindwa si mshindani…get that in your head @facebook-100000996986819:disqus and you @d66242cb25df59a19c2e66d2a9345488:disqus It hurts to see people destroying others people properties….what happened after they loosed the match was a clear identification that they don’t want competition is easy if they organised their own that way no competition For your information my votes neither for CORD or Jubilee i would rather sleep than sell my country to hungry hyenas… again We need PEACE!

          1. I cant exactly form what you wanted to mean. However, am not aware of anyone who has won any political game. We are yet to cast our votes! But village fellows, as earlier stated, still think they are home and dry. I guess, they present serious security for this country. Why? Once Uhuru is thoroughly beaten as is likely to happen, they might cook up excuses of having had “tribal numbers” and promptly contest results! ICC cases might have not cowed their tribal pride after all!!!!

          2. Kwessi, you really are a tribalist. As veiled as you want to appear. The entire crew we are voting for…i.e Raila, Uhuru, Ruto…have all built their legacies on tribe…to think that uhuru is tribal and raila is not, is folly. Just look at the polls. Both getting 85% in their respective ‘home grounds’. ICC is a farce! Kibaki and Raila needed to Join Uhuru and Ruto there. Because they were the principles. I had a friend in 2007 in a matatu and a man was pulled out and beaten near nakuru because of being from the ‘wrong’ tribe. I had another friend whose mother had parrafin poured all over her by neighbours she knew for being from the ‘wrong’ tribe. Both from different divides. Let’s not trivialize the impact tribalism can have on people and debate away from that. I’d like to see a different satirical piece attacking Uhuru after he lost….etc etc. but for crying out loud…do not make tribal jokes/insinuations…which can very quickly degenerate.

          3. Tribalist, do you really understand what you are saying? And dont you know building your support base in home village is totally different from telling your people “we are many the seat is ours?” We know charity begins at home but you dont have to roll out tribalism in its ugliest form the way Uhuru and Ruto are doing! Even the most fools know that jubilee alliance is about two communities. The other guys are MERE BOUGHT ITEMS, IF NOT OUTRIGHT SCAVENGERS! And when tribal enemies masquerading as protectors, isolate communities by blatantly acting out of tune, the consequences are too grave! Why would for instance, Kimemia attempt to embarrass CJ just because “he is perceived not to have sheep?” What messange is being send? You need to understand that there are better ways of tapping communal support than openly rolling out toxic tribalism! I dont even understand clearly what you tried to say! Perhaps, you should try to straighten up the whole thing all over again!!!!

      1. We have been gagged by something called hate speech. Otherwise I would have driven some truth into your heads. Even if you tell people the truth, they call it hate speech. Annita stop burying your head in the sand. Raila is winning then what!!!

      2. Hey Annita! You bring a new dimension to the whole argument. Come to think about it….why do Gor Mahia fans get rowdy after losing a football game? Why not simply accept the fact that they played badly, go back to the practice field, and play better next time? It’s easy to predict where March 5th will find us…….

      1. are you sure it is a nice one. but jubilee is only for two tribes so that cant make icc to stop its case. it is clearly seen that yuo wanted to do vote of no confidence to icc but huyo atakua wa central na rift valley.

    1. NO!!!!! He will reproduce and we will be stuck with more of his kind for many years to come. I go with the Lake Victoria one. He can do serious damage to the hyacinth.

  2. MOSES KURIA,at your age and maturity,the much you have learned in life is to dash out diplomatic insults?no matter who is financing your nonsense,even they too know you have no place in the current democracy,am a TNA supporter and i believe this is not what TNA advocates for.You are a young guy and the much you should teach your family is respecting there seniors. YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER at your age.

    1. do you know what REAL DEMOCRACY is? it is when you can actually say what you want…as biased as it is…because you have freedom of speech. telling someone they have ‘no space’ in the current democracy begs the question of…what democracy is that, that doesnt allow for bashing? if people like president bush or obama balked anytime someone insulted them…i dont knw where the american democracy would be.

      1. freedom of speech does not mean speaking nonsense, yo not going to talk rudly to your parents and the likes just bcoz u have freedom of speech,mlisomea wapi jamani? or dirishani?

        1. Freedom of speech also means freedom of choice….. Hear/Read no evil is an option. Don’t read the article if it’s author ticks you off.

  3. This is equivalent to a bantling doodling…
    Has Uhuru ever thanked Mark Too for sacrificing his parliamentary seat fro him? or the deal was inspired by “…shetani ambaye…”

    So you say Raila has done a ‘few’ good things? what has Uhuru done? bet that was another computer error?

    Remember Uhuru him bashing Saitoti that if it were not for Moi, the guy would still be driving a beetle…? What would Uhuru be doing now if it were not for Moi? Can you say the same about Raila? What is Uhuru without the Kenyatta Name?

      1. Jaramogi paved the way for Kenyatta and he was quickly betrayed! Raila did the same to president Kibaki and it lasted less than 3 years to get jettsoned! Kalonzo quickly helped the situation and he too was rudely and viciously betrayed! Mudavadi thought he could fare better and ended up crying in full glare of television screens! Ruto is trying to outshine all but time is not on his side! ICC quickly raring to go! Just too cruel we wont be exposed to statement like “WE WOULD HAVE WON WITHOUT HON. RUTO ANYWAY!!!!”

    1. Dimwit! Moi saw Uhuru and Mboya’s son already as accomplished futuristic leaders as they called for the end of section 2A at KICC, the same way he saw Ruto…..they were on their own path to stardom……their time has come!!!

  4. Jubillated followers should take it easy. Pride is bad and will lead to a thumping fall. Lets wait and see on 5th March who will win then we can write and commentate on such articles.

  5. wat if he wins,will u delete this post…okay can you please take the shooting chances for UK?if you cant then please start by explaining what went down in YK92

    1. The idea was to ridicule PM Raila and hugely please tribal constituency! Thats why real meaning was awfully distorted! Its funny no one seems to remember in 2005 and 2007 villagers failed to make that all important impact!!!!

  6. Even with the much claimed civilization and your beautiful choice of language and word alignment ……,this is pure disgrace even to yourself,your trial in comedy may be fine and only appreciated by small minds,you should be ashamed of self!

  7. Its amazing to see that the incoherent Kuria who couldn’t speak a complete grammatically correct sentence in English on TV, can actually join words here and there and even complete an article. Well I commend you, but my verdict is that you sound like an IDIOT.

    1. Articles are written by hirelings man, it is not him. He amazed me once when he confronted Anyar (the former PEV victims lawyer) KANU style when Anyar came to Kenya. Shenzi type kabisa hii Kuria.

    2. i totally agree with king,but desist from using abusive language or people might not notice the difference.Thank you,LAWI

  8. Let us all mind our language. Whoever Kenyans elect on 4th March 2013 will be the President of Kenya, not the president of a certain community or region. Lets us all embrace peace and shun vulgar language. God bless you, God bless Kenya.

  9. The last time I watched this guy on TV, I got ashamed to be an educated Kenyan. His reasoning was so shallow and dialect very raw from the village. Write sense not hatred.

  10. Cord Has the numbers and we will win this election! The reason why much is being said on this issue is where do Gichani, Karangi and Kimemia hail from?? what positions in Government do they hold, wait man, if Kenya elects raila come march 4th, I tell you, we will distribute public service Positions to every community and not one, have they sensed any danger because they might be headed out of their plum Job??

  11. Please kuria , get a life of your own , leave Raila in peace. That guy has paid so much to make this country a better place to live in unlike you who seems to be driven by tribal politics.

  12. Why the Insults Kuria? Cant you write you article in a civil way? Elections are a single day event and they need not make us sow seeds of discord and vitriol

  13. I think any one who is stupid enough to argue that Kibera is a slum because of the leadership of Raila, depicts the height of sheer ignorance! it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or an economist for that matter to understand how the system works . It is the responsibility of the government to provide decent housing for its citizens not the are MP. Even if Raila was to dedicate the entire CDF to construction of housing since 2005 at the expense of other needs, still it would not be enough to house even 2% of the kibera populace. its only recently that the government started the slum upgrading project in kibera which is a multi-billion shilling project. lets see how that will turn out in the next coming years. but in the meantime lets not just put blame for the sake of it. if Mr Kuria theory was true then how comes the slum like Mathare and kwa-jenga are not blamed on the area’s respective MPs? slum are a creation of alot of factors 1.unequal distribution of resources hence rural to urban migration in search of jobs since there’s the perception that most jobs/opportunities can only be found in Nairobi or 2. governments failure to provide housing to its citizen and shifting that responsibility entirely to the private sector. e.t.c .. Raila Odinga is NOT one of those factors!

  14. My my.. this “strategist” is hurting Jubilee’s cause! Incredibly ignorant, Langata is not Kibera. and Kibera is not all slum!

  15. @ Kuria this is pride & do not advocate for it one
    bit. Pride comes before a fall….. and
    it doesn’t matter who your opponent is, you respect them because they have
    every right to be in this presidential race.
    Kuria, we were taught to respect your elders even if you don’t agree
    with their point of view. I pray that
    God forgives us for our ignorance & pride and we prevail on the 4th March,
    but remember God is on the throne & he can overturn things in a day. Saddened Jubilee supporter.

    1. Selective past has permanently arrested us. Whoever committed crimes under whatever guise will have to carry his own cross. That fact wont change no matter how long we cry!!!!

  16. Moses Kuria has just shamed all writers and literary lovers out there! You can’t write, Moses. You are bad at it! But, I assume you had a burning point to pass across. Remember this the next time you use the football analogy, for your opponent to miss five penalties, you too have to miss at least four penalties! On what ‘scores’ did your preferred candidate loose the four penalties (no pun intended)? You want your opposing team’s ‘strategists’ to fill this blanks for you? I don’t think so!

  17. The fact that CAPITAL FM has space for this kind of crap is itself a dilution of an otherwise a good brand. Shame on you capitalfm and by extension CK for allowing your knowledgeable self to be defined by this claptrap

  18. Kenyan Kenyans!!! Who has Bitwitched you that you should not see the truth!!!! Don’t let Politicians and tribalism Fool you.

  19. Does this mean capital fm supports uhuru?! otherwise why post such a post from a key strategist from Jubilee alliance I thought the media was supposed to be neutral. Am now seeing which media houses I should avoid in my listening.

  20. Hollow assertions emmenating from a village idiot passing himself for an educated fool; Your tunnel vision is limited ethnic biases of the days past which don’t belong in modern kenya. Unfortunately, we have people like you who are still clinging to outdated primitive streotypes and willing to spread them to gullible masses through the media.If I were UK. I will immedaitely terminate you services as my strategist because you don’t represent Kenya as whole with its richness and diversity of all Kenyans. Let me remind you that Lake Victoria and Kibera belong in kenya and not Luoland as you seem to insinuate and many kenyans from every community reside in those places.You should be ashamed of yourself. Not funny at all!

    1. My friend do you know what you are saying? You dont think if decided you are not crazy, I could easily get you? My friend dont write things that might turn against you. Every word you put in these posts MUST factual/accurate or more seriously, be provable in a court of law. Dont just imagine because you are either writing from a cyber cafe or little phone, everybody track you down. That will be VERY BIG MISTAKE my dear! However, am NOT employed by CORD guys even though I whole heartedly support them. Am on my own pal! And unless you are new to these posts, I supported Uhuru/Ruto until they decided to self-crown themselves princes. That about one or two months back. Perhaps, they had employed me also? You need to wake up Mr. Mbevi! We dont need to go berserk once our respective candidates are cast in bad light. You dont have to burst in murderous fits whenever you get frustrated by relentless criticism. Otherwise, it mean democracy arrived too early for you! What I mean is that democracy requires good manners and ability to amicably agree to disagree. Nevertheless, if you feel those who are actually telling the truth about your idol should be run over by car or literally killed, you simply dont belong to 21st century democracy! You are no more than a blind violent animal gone amok! I hope thats indeed not the case about you! Election is just a game and in a game one team has to win. Then the other loses. You shake hands and move on. From there you start training vigoriously to win the next game. You dont burst in to uncontrollable rage that can be found in a wounded animal!!!!

  21. This is wildest of a dreamer i have ever met.You are the kind who will hang yourselves when the uhuruto project come tamplings to the ground on March 4th.

  22. I chose peace and I will vote peacefully. However, Uhuru Kenyatta is the man to beat come March 4th. We’re all talking about track records. What is RAO’s track record. I pray somebody please tell me. With all due respect to the PM, he talks about development while we very well know that charity begins @ home. Kibra now is the number one major tourist attraction all over the world. I don’t have to scream it out loud. The #ESP is credited with the DPM who spearheaded it and jumpstarted the economy. The guy is a performer. I respect all those who are unconverted but I invite you to lift the veil and see the real thing. Changua Peace. Vote Wisely.

    1. Uhuru Kenyatta has no shred of track record. Perhaps, budget ‘miss-outs,” if not outright thefts are his record! Kenyans MUST ask themselves if Uhuru is willing to spend so much buying support, how is he going to recover his money? May be we shall end up being run dry by somebody trying to recover his money,- and money originally stolen from us!!!!!

  23. Kuria find something more benefial and promising to write home about if you have no strategists to advise your team

  24. Uongo mtupu… Be sober before you talk about politics.. its only sober minds that can talk sense. You are drunk of jubilee..

  25. Who told you that Raila cannot win…. A challenge? Please lay five ways to honour Uhuru when thrashed…

  26. let’s not iust talk bcoz our lips are horizontal and that there is freedom of speech.Nobody
    in his normal sense would read through Mr Moses Kurias uninformed idiologies.

  27. I was wondering where have you gone when you were stopped!!!!??? or you stopped writing for the star newspaper. After searching long and hard, I finally found you, and its again as i say, a pleasure to read brainless articles, just to make a very gloomy day , to be full of laughs. Please, ensure all the readers that you will continue with your good work, and keep penning as much stool type verbal dioarhoea as possible. Honestly it could be a best seller in the future. Dont stop at all ever, and keep us posted as where you will migrate , should this guys through you out.

  28. Moses Kuria you’re just a typical sycophant whose opinion is just based on primitive stereo type thinking. I wish to know your age!!! If you don’t support RAILA, simply sell the policies of your candudate. it is a pity a reputable media like has allowed to publish your primitive non sense.

  29. Why this hatred towards one man? Could be hidden admiration because you can never achieve what this man has in 50 lifetimes? This is rubbish and it belongs to the gutter. We expect more tolerance and better from someone of your stature boss……

  30. Kuria is just doing what he can best do.When you listen to him and his likes talk about Raila they think all Kenyans were born yesterday.Bwana Kuria we know from where Raila comes from but we know more than that.If I may ask you do you know why J.M.Kariuki died?That was a Kenyan who saw what the regime was doing to innocent freedom fighters who then were given alternative camps to live in in the RIFT Valley and that is why the Kales and the Kikuyus are always at each others throats in every election period.Whatever good stories we have to tell turn sour in our mouths when these communities think of these injustices by successive governments who instead of addressing them maintain the status quo.That’s why we will always people like you will always get fat payoffs to peddle the sweetened lies about Raila and talk of his defeat with satisfaction because not only do you believe in his defeat but you can’t live with his success time after time.You belittle a person who has suffered for this country and struggled for this country putting other people first and not himself.You could be a strategist for Jubilee but as a Kenyan let me tell you the things you peddle about Raila make me feel the dust in my mouth and that my friend is hatred.YOU ARE PEDDLING HATRED!With that in mind Jubilee could be a good party but you are telling us ,Hey HATE THIS MAN AND NEVER CONSIDER HIM.Let me tell you this that the way you talk baout him if you the opportunity you shoot the man dead.Kenyans have been turned into beggars when there is so much resources which have never been developed by successive governments for te main purpose of impoverishing these communities so that only a few individuals can control the country.Let me tell you we are getting out of there thanks to the good fight of people like Raila Odinga.Whether he is elected president or not under the new constitution all resources will be under the county governments which will be run by the communities in these counties.
    People like you will always talk about the Molasses plant but dont tell us that Robert Ouko died trying to revive it so that the locals can benefit from it.You will not talk about the fertilizer plant which was to be built at Kipevu which was abandonedbecause it was not going to benefit certain people and people will loose the opportunity to bring into Kenya shipments of fertilizer since WE ARE AN AGRICULTURAL ECONOMY!Halo fertilizer for everything we have to grow and not a single fertilizer factory.So your strategies are to bring down people who see and speak loudly so that the status quo will remain.Now who has the money to buy the beach plots?the oil fields?the land around the new port of Lamu?the new city of Konza?Let me tell you that now the election fever is on there is no sukuma wiki,tomato,cabbages etc in Kongowea market because who owns the transports?You will say hei they are hard working and I will ask you who is hardworking here?You are an insult to the womb that bared you and the father that sired you would walk silently in the plot he owns if he owns any and wonder what did my son go to learn in College?

  31. ha ha…i am amazed at your level of stupidity…if you trully believe that Raila is Going home don’t try to use your twisted diplomatic and stupid humor to try and humiliate him….i prefer intergrity of the highest level..i believe TNA does not stand for these cheap and stupid remarks..go home Kuria….you are drunk!

  32. You missed the one where we are wondering why Kibera still exists as a slum with no toilets after he represents it for over 20yrs

  33. i agree totally. Raila has always claimed his votes are being rigged in order to create mayhem once he loses.He tried to overthrow the government in Mois regime,2007 he had people believe elections were rigged thus resorting to people losing lives.Let him find a peaceful way of gaining power.Not peoples blood!

  34. I Tought you went to school. for sure these are the waititus faque certifications and majority from that cage has them >>>> FAQUE. Reason by your brain not stomach.

  35. Raila was the key financier of the 1982 coup, and hid head is alway tuned on by anything illegal. Raila has always rigged out kisumu candidates that he does not like. That is the rigging he want to bring to the national level.

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