Eurobond: Hitler’s Propaganda strategy at work!


In the book Propaganda and Persuasion by Dr.. Garth S. Jowett and Victoria O’Donnell, they discuss how Hitler used propaganda to run the Nazi machinery. The steps were very simple: Avoid abstract ideas – appeal to the emotions. Constantly repeat just a few ideas. Use stereotyped phrases. Give only one side of the argument. Continuously criticize your opponents. Pick out one special “enemy” for special vilification.

And that summarizes what the Eurob Bond debate has turned out to be as fanned by the opposition. Let me expound a bit:


The prospectus of the Sovereign Bond stated that the purpose of the Bond issuance was for general budget support, including funding of infrastructure and the repayment of the a Syndicated Loan amounting to USD 600 Million which was incurred in 2011/12 and was to mature in August, 2014. According to the contract documents for the Syndicated Loan, it was required that the loan be repaid within 10 days of receipt of the proceeds from the Sovereign Bond. The Syndicated Loan was actually paid on 2nd July, 2014.

After the opposition leaders raised queries about how the Eurob Bond money was spent, the Director of Public Prosecutions, directed the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission and the Director of Criminal Investigation (DCI) to investigate the matter and forward their findings to the DPP’s office. These independent institutions carried out their investigations and forwarded their report to the DPP with the following summarized findings:

No government official was found culpable; recommended it was recommended that the file be closed and recommended that the general Auditor General carry out a special audit in Ministries, /Departments and Agencies to verify how the proceeds of the Eurob Bond were used.

Why then don’t the opposition, who claim to be democratic, believe the report of independent institutions? And while at it, was it so hard to wait for the Aauditor General’s special audit report on the claims made that the money was swindled?

The opposition, on that fateful day, also sensationally claimed that the Ccontroller of Bbudget was being pressured by Treasury to support their position; that no money had been lost. In a quick rebuttal to what the opposition leader said, the Aauditor Ggeneral Controller of Budgets stated that there was no contradiction in the statements she the Controller of Budget made to the Public Accounts Committee of the National Assembly on October 22 and November 2, 2015 in her role in the repayment of the Syndicated Loan. Her statements can be confirmed from the Hansards.

So was any money lost as sensationally claimed by the opposition? Your answer is as good as mine. Let’s now go on a journey of propaganda at work:

One of the new yearNew Year resolutions that I had made was to stay away from senseless debates that are starved of the truth. I said that I will would give a black out to any story that smirks stinks of intentional propaganda that is meant to mislead Kenyans. I said that I will would focus on highlighting the positive extraordinary things that ordinary Kenyans do on a daily basis. I had promised myself that I will would focus my energies on ensuring that the Kano Iirrigation Sscheme gets their rice to be branded for better market value (can anybody lend me a hand in making that happen?)

Too many good things are happening in Kenya for us to focus on sideshows and road side circus that are meant to unnecessarily prolong the political lives of those who belong to the archives. While I was folding my arms and trying to focus on the new yearNew Year, I heard that a press conference had been called at the Serena Hotel in Nairobi to unveil a said list that contained alleged persons of interest in the Eeuro bond saga. I expected water tight evidence to accompany the list but I was wrong. What transpired before the world was unearthing of the hatchet of witch-hunt and convenient “‘truths”’ which were buried in the sea of forgetfulness in 2015.

I should have kept my optimism at a manageable level. It seems like our opposition dons have mastered the art of capitalizingcapitalising on the susceptibility of the electorate.

Like I’ve mentioned here before, some politicians in Kenya have been out witted. Even though they used to be mighty in their hey days where they would baffle the government of the day by unearthing mega corruption scandals, it seems like the old strategy has run out of oil on a steep mountain.

The opposition has lost it. They are like a tick that is used to sucking blood from the host even if it’s taken to the slaughter house. The most annoying thing about this whole issue is the fact that the opposition knows how to target strong men in a government. Their target is simple, cut off the head of every influential person in the current government to ensure that it is weakened as much as possible. The end game result is to weaken the government of the day so that it becomes easy for it to be toppled in the next elections. Even though that is’s the goal of every politician,; to win an election, pulling such stunts at the expense of our nation is quite unpatriotic.

While the forest has somehow changed, the monkeys haven’thave not. We can still see the determination in their eyes to run this nation down. If it’s not telling the masses to have no respect for the institutions, it is ensuring that those who perform in this government are unfairly targeted to derail the wheels of the economic locomotive that already left the port of Mombasa destined to Vvision 2030.

This Eeuro bond ‘saga’ is nothing short of a well calculated move to nullify the great work Ppresident Uhuru Kenyatta did in the Ccoast. That is’s why it had to be delayed 3 days after the Ppresident toured the Coast region. While he was there, he resolved many issues that the opposition has been using to control the region. The opposition is experienced at fanning historical wounds so that instead of healing, it continues to fester,s more for it to be a constant source of votes. The strong conviction of their fans combined with extreme narrowness of mind gives the opposition lee way to manipulate them at will.

Resolving the long standing Waitiki land issue, revoking title deeds in Lamu, issuing title deeds in Taita Taveta, opening a roadroads that will ease traffic in Mombasa, among other great work,s are some of the things the opposition wanted to neutralize. But simply because some of our leaders love our people to be in a constant place state of negativity, bitterness, defeatismed and poorpoverty, we must do all that in our powers to ensure that they don’t escape our tentacles that keep them there.

If we are at all we are willing to fight corruption, why do we forget the cardinal rule of ‘charity begins at home’? Your lieutenants are being mentioned in massive corruption scandals, some are fighting voter bribery charges, your party is known to “‘sell”’ nomination tickets and your party is known more for its hooliganism and bungled nomination than it is known for democracy. It reminds me of the Pharisees who were like white washed tombs, shining on the outside but rotting corpses on the inside.

You cannot lay claim to be a saint when your garments reek of double standards and inconsistencies. The truth is the truth,truth; we shouldn’t try to skew it so that it can fit us when we wantconvenient.

You came for Ann Waiguru and we were silent; you came for William Ruto and he managed to defend himself; but now will we wait for you to walk right into every civil serviceministry and hound them, in your unquenchable thirst to grind the Jubilee Ggovernment to a halt?

Some of these politicians need to pass over the baton to young promising leaders who can change the way the politics of opposition is done in this nation.

The truth should never be the first casualty in the opposition’s attempt to keep the government in check.

It seems that the opposition in Kenya has been consulting the script of the greatest dictator who ever lived; Adolf Hitler. “The receptivity of the great masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous. In consequence of these facts, all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must harp on these slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand by your slogan.”

All certified documents that authorized transfer, spending and the management of the Eurob Bond proceeds have been availed by the Mministry of National Treasury on their website. Any person who is interested in finding the truth can, and will find the truth. But if at this point in time lies looks more appealing than the truth, then let’s pretend that we believe the lie.

Here is the propaganda: Paint Jubilee as corrupt over and over again until that becomes the only picture people have of it. With those few remarks, ladies and gentlemen, class propaganda 101 comes to a close. Till next time, Insha–Allah!

Dannish Odongo works for Capital FM as a digital media strategist. He runs a blog on leadership and faith
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