Enough of this Mau Forest balderdash!

Ever since Prime Minister Raila Odinga first spoke of the need to reclaim the all-important Mau complex, there has been nothing but empty loud-mouthed politics surrounding this issue.

First was a ‘consultative’ meeting with leaders from the surrounding communities at KICC. We all saw how William Ole Ntimama got worked up, accusing his ODM parliamentary colleagues of selfishness over an issue that was threatening the livelihood of the Narok pastoralist communities.

Come that weekend and the North Rift leaders retreated to their tribal cocoons where they vowed that ‘our people’ shall not be evicted from Mau unless an agreeable mode of compensation is placed on the table.

Since then, debate on this issue has been heading south. There are fat cats who benefited from illegal allocations of land in the expansive Mau forest who later subdivided and sold perimeter pieces to peasants. These are the ones who are inciting people against any sort of relocation from the forest.

As Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai has said time and again, the problem in Mau stems from the fact that wealthy people are using peasant farmers as protective shields on their large tracts of land deep within the catchment areas.

These people are intelligent. Therefore, they know full well that their encroachment on the forest is causing devastating effects on Kenya’s environment. When they visit lodges near Lakes Nakuru, Naivasha, Bogoria, Elementaita and elsewhere, they can see the impact of receding water levels. In short, these ‘thieves’ who own large swathes of land in the Mau complex and other water towers know what they are doing to this country. They are killing it and its people.

But their conscience does not flinch when they resist attempts at reclamation and reforestation.  What, pray tell, shall we do with these murderers? Are we going to wait for the day Raila Odinga tables a task force report before them for discussion? Are we going to wait until we sip the last drop of water in order to point direct fingers at them? Or are we going to continue celebrating them for their gallant defense of ‘our’ communities (at the expense of the community itself) and clap whenever they appear before us?

Dear Kenyans, it is time for us mortals to stand up for our rights. Wangari Maathai’s Green Belt Movement is launching ‘Enough is Enough’ as a rallying call for Kenyans to defend their ecosystem.

I am a member of this campaign. Will you join me?

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  1. I agree Laura, Kenyans should start acting. It begins with you(and me). Lets act by stopping to give bribes, to speak out against ills.

  2. Laura…nice feature on your website. Anyway my point is simple. Kenyans are looking at Ruto now as a Hero. Like Artur is a BAD GUY but who wouldn’t want his autograph? Kenyan voters are everything their politicians are.

  3. The Kenya we want is one without corruption but i don’t see and end it. We have tried to be united against it, remember 2002 when Kibaki become President,but it fought back hard and won. Guys as young as 20 are now seriously discussing ways to get to parliament and government so as to get involved in highly corruption ie Trition after all once we defraud billions all we need to do is by some MPs and get an expensive lawyer.It’s a small sacrifice for the billions.

  4. How i wish more and more Kenyans got themselves engaged in the affairs of our great nation. Rally one another against relentless impunity by our leaders.
    Our leaders have lost the sense of being responsible to their employers thus continue to act recklessly in parliament (censure motion), they taint the image of our nations integrity. I dread reading news from Kenya everyday because they scream “something is not right again” and the worst is yet to come. Kenyans lets get involved in pragmatic political decisions of our nation right from our dinner tables. Lets resolve to build a better Nation on the principles of democracy. It can be done. WE CAN DO IT! I believe.

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