Engaging the youth using online social networks

Almost a month ago I resolved to sit-down with some of my facebook friends and engage them in a discussion; get to know them beyond the parameters of the social networking site and how best to engage them.

Not many senior professionals or CEOs are on these social networking sites, a majority of them thinking that it’s a waste of time. However, I believe that we can use these tools that have been created to engage the youth, motivate and encourage them to be better people and create better livelihoods for themselves.

To many of the professionals out there, the youth look up to you and are yearning for advice and direction to face the challenges they face. We may not have the time and resources to meet or address them personally but we can be able to reach out to the majority through the social networking sites.

I purpose to continue engaging them and trying to assist those that I can. I look forward to meeting more of my facebook and twitter friends, and getting involved in their initiatives. Take a look at what some of them had to say about our meeting and how they believe it was of importance.

Our meeting with Chris Kirubi, who’s a man of many definitions, was my highlight of the year so far. The power of mentorship is profound and I was totally disarmed by Kirubi’s easy and good-natured personality; he has a way of making people at ease in spite of his stature. Spending an hour and a half with him rekindled my ambitions and encouraged my desire to make a change.

Incidentally the previous day he had twitted this on his twitter account- It is one of life’s laws that as soon as one door closes another opens. But the tragedy is we look at the closed door and disregard the open one…I wonder why?

My take out off that meeting hinged on that message and for me it was more than a business discussion. It was a reminder of what great leaders are made of and over and above that I also made good friends off social networking. I hope another lot gets a dose of ‘an hour with one of Kenya’s greatest’, regularly.
God bless him abundantly.
J Mwema Mwalimu

It was a pleasure meeting Mr. Chris Kirubi, I consider it a long journey and fulfillment of a wish I had. The meeting was well organized starting with the right environment. I was excited to meet fellow youth and Kenyans focused on transforming the society through entrepreneurship, I was able to compare notes from my peers and got to learn a lot in the process. Meeting Chairman for the first time in a business setting was encouraging and my aim was to find out what makes him an achiever in diverse segments of the Kenyan Business arena and he did not disappoint.

First, I noted his interest in emerging trends and a teachable personality; he wanted to learn as much as he taught as. The second thing I noted was that he was keen on taking notes which reminded me a saying I once overheard that a blunt pencil has better memory than the sharpest brain last but not least, his insistence on trying out things regardless of the possibilities of failure and his emphasis on the fact that failure is part and parcel of success and that we should embrace it.

Finally I was glad when he offered us an opportunity to utilize the Capital Media platform which has a wide following to reach out and transform the community. I look forward to another opportunity to engage the Chairman.
Barrack O. Otieno

For the purpose of this communication, I choose to define youth as those who are willing to absorb new ideas, not a time of life but a state of mind. Having said that, I (not so youthful in the real sense), was in a group of 9 youths at a special invitation round-table conversation with Mr. Chris Kirubi at his International Life House offices. The session was relaxed and our host Mr. Chris Kirubi (Chairman) had a sincere mastering of the various topics. My take from the exchange of ideas and learning is that the human being (irrespective of the definition of youth) is willing to learn if mentored or lead by a person they look up to. I took back a great deal of mature, insightful and sincere inspiration to act, to transform, transcend and be a better me. It opened doors to new thoughts and a new voyage of discovery. Thank you Chairman!
Mary Wanjiku Karanja

Having heard him (Kirubi) since my days in primary school when he bought Capital FM; the big guy he is in business, reading about his investment port-folio, how he traverses the world, then one day he is seated next to me and we are sharing similar views about life… It makes one realize, yes I can do it. He is not from heaven, he is just here like everyone else, waking up everyday like me and you, doing what he does best but the only difference is how we approach things and life as a whole. There are great men out there whom many young people aspire to be like, only that with time nature beats hope out of them, they lose motivation. However, if they could one day meet their mentors or those they admire, then it would definitely make a difference. I do hope we get to have another one someday soon.
Symon M. Kadeo

The meeting created a very good avenue for networking with like-minded individuals and a learning platform for acquiring knowledge from the Chairman. I have always been so passionate in establishing a formal mentorship program in Kenya, and that meeting was a typical picture I always hold in my mind. It made me feel that the idea is possible. I am excited with the idea of Mr. Kirubi taking the initiative of biding to encourage other successful personalities in meeting and mentoring the youths. I believe that this is the best way of knowledge and experience transfer to the youths. I feel challenged and this experience with Mr. Chris Kirubi enhanced my desire to become a great entrepreneur and business personality in Kenya.
David Wanjau

The youth are said to sharpen their teeth on their parents’ bones. With that in mind I believe that the youth will only progress and achieve their full potential if they are guided by an experienced and wise individual. This in my estimation is precisely the relationship we have created with Chris.

In doing so Chris is living the very creed that Franklin Delano Roosevelt subscribed to; we cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future. Hopefully our interaction will change this nation, idea upon idea, brick by brick!
Jay Kenyatta aka Steve Gachanja

The meeting was a great opportunity. I had wanted to meet “the Chris Kirubi” for a while… to see how human one can be to handle the work he does. I learnt a lot in that short time. One specific thing I remember is him telling me he eats while working. Professional-wise, I was challenged, which is a good thing. After that meeting I felt like I could take anything that came my way, having handled a boardroom very well with almost no one close to my age.
Mu kami Munderu

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